Changes for version 0.93

  • Added forward and reverse change references. Append ^ to a change reference to mean the change before, or ~ to mean the change following. Use ~~ and ^^ to select two changes forward and back, and ~n and ^n, where n is an integer, to select that number of changes forward or back. Idea stolen from Git, though the meanings of the characters are different.
  • Added the @FIRST and @LAST symbolic references to refer to the first and last changes deployed to the database, respectively. These vary from the existing @ROOT and @HEAD symbolic references, which refer to the first and last changes listed in the plan.
  • Updated the tutorial to use the new symbolic references and ^ and ~ qualifiers where appropriate.
  • The messages output by the `deploy` and `revert` commands now show the resolved name of the `--to` target, rather than the value passed to `--to`. This is most useful when using a symbolic reference, so you can see what you're actually deploying or reverting to.
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