Changes for version 0.940

  • Fixed tests that failed due to I18N issues, with thanks to Arnaud (Arhuman) ASSAD!
  • Localized messages are now properly encoded in UTF-8. Thanks to Ronan Dunklau for the report (issue #46) and to Guido Flohr for details on how to address the issue.
  • The variables defined for the `add`, `deploy`, and `revert` commands now have the case of there names preserved if Config::GitLike 1.10 or later is installed. Thanks to Ronan Dunklau for the report (issue #48) and to Alex Vandiver for the case-preserving update to Config::GitLike.
  • Attempting to run `sqitch` with no command now outputs the list of supported commands (`sqitchcommands`), rather than the list of core options. Thanks to BryLo for the suggestion.
  • Changed the plan parser so that it no longer changes the order of changes based on the dependency graph. Unfortunately, this meant that the order could change from one run to another, especially if new changes were added since the last deploy. The planner now throws an exception if the order in the plan is wrong, and suggests that the user move changes in the plan file to get it to work properly.
  • Fixed bug where the `core.plan_file` configuration variable was ignored.
  • Improved error handling when deploying and reverting a change. If the change successfully deployed but the logging of the deployment to the database failed, there was just a rollback message. Sqitch will now emit the underlying error *and* run the revert script for the just-deployed change.
  • Modified the text hashed for change and tag IDs. Both now include the note, if present, the ID of the preceding change, and the list of dependencies. The result is that, when a change is modified or moved in the plan, it gets a new ID ID. The upshot is that things *must* be in order for a deploy to succeed. Existing deployments will automatically have their IDs updated by the `deploy` command.
  • Changed the `revert` command so that it *only* fetches information about changes to be reverted from the database, rather than the plan.
  • Deprecated the `@LAST` and `@FIRST` symbolic tags. With `revert` now fetching change information from the database, there is no longer a need to specify that changes be found in the database. It's possible some other way to search database changes will be added in the future, but if so, it will be less limiting than `@LAST` and `@FIRST`, because it will likely allow searches by literal tags.
  • Added the `rebase` command. This command combines a `revert` and a `deploy` into a single command, which should allow for more natural deployment testing during development. `sqitch rebase @HEAD^` should become a common command for database developers.
  • Duplicate values passed via `--requires` and `--conflicts` in the `add` and `rework` actions are now ignored.
  • The `add` command now throws an exception if `--template-directory` is passed or specified in the configuration file, and the specified directory does not exist or is not a directory. Thanks to Ronan Dunklau for the report! (Issue #52).
  • The `revert` command now prompts for confirmation before reverting anything. The prompt can be skipped via the `-y` option or setting the `revert.no_prompt` configuration variable. Works for rebase, too, which reads `rebase.no_prompt` before `revert.no_prompt`.' (Issue #49.)
  • Added the `show` command, which show information about changes or tags, or the contents of change script files. (Issue #57.)
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