Changes for version 0.950

  • Fixed the "Name" header in `sqitch-rebase` so that it will actually show up on the CPAN search sites.
  • Fixed test failure triggered by the passage of time in `t/engine.t`.
  • At the start of a `deploy`, if the most recently deployed change has any unlogged tags (that is, tags added since the last `deploy`), they will be logged before the `deploy` continues (issue #60).
  • Added the `--no-log` option to `deploy`, `revert`, and `rebase`. This causes the changes to be logged as deployed without actually running the deploy scripts. Useful for an existing database that is being converted to Sqitch, and you need to log changes as deployed because they have been deployed by other means in the past.
  • Now check that dependencies are required for all changes to be deployed or reverted before deploying or reverting anything, rather than checking dependencies for each change just before deploying or reverting it. This allows a or revert deploy to fail sooner, with no database changes, when dependencies are not met.
  • The `deploy` command now check that no changes its about to deploy are already deployed.
  • Added `--mode` to the `rebase` command.
  • Added the `--verify` option to `deploy` and `rebase`. Specify this option to run the verify script, if it exists, for each change after it is deployed. If the verify script dies, the deploy will be considered a failure and the requisite reversion (as specified for `--mode`) will begin.
  • Added the `verify` command, which verifies that a database is valid relative to the plan and each deployed change's verification scripts.
  • Changed the format of the list of changes output by `deploy` and `revert` so that each now gets "ok" or "not ok" printed on success or failure.
  • Added short aliases for commonly-used core options:
    • -f for --plan-file
    • -v for --verbose
    • -h for --db-host
    • -p for --db-port
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