Changes for version 0.960

  • Removed `-CAS` from the shebang line on Perl 5.10.0. This is to eliminate `Too late for "-CAS" option` errors. This means that UTF-8 semantics will be suboptimal on Perl 5.10.0. Consider upgrading to 5.12 or higher.
  • Added the `checkout` command. Pass it the name of a VCS branch, and it will compare the plans between that branch and the current branch, revert to the last common change, check out the branch, and then redeploy. This makes it easy to switch between working branches that have different sets of commits. Git-only for now. Idea and code by Ronan Dunklau.
  • The `rebase` command no longer fails if the database is already reverted, but just makes a note of it and goes on to the deploy.
  • Added the `plan` command. It's like `log`, but shows a list of changes in the plan, rather than events recorded in the database.
  • Added `search_changes()` to Plan. Used by the `plan` command.
  • Added the `--oneline` option to the `log` command.
  • Allow tagging of an arbitrary change, not just the last change in the plan, by passing a change specification (name, ID, or tag) as the second argument to the `tag` command.
  • Updated error messages to note that blank characters are not allowed in project, change, or tag names.
  • Factored most of the engine-specific code into App::Sqitch::Role::DBIEngine. Future DBI-based engines should be able to use this role to handle most of the work.
  • Factored the live engine tests int `t/lib/DBIEngineTest`. Future DBI-based engines can use this module to do all or most of the live testing.
  • Added the SQLite engine. The Sqitch metadata is stored in a separate file from a database, by default in the same directory as the database file.
  • Added `sqitchtutorial-sqlite.pod`, a SQLite-specific variant of `sqitchtutorial.pod`.
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