Changes for version 0.961

  • Fixed error when running on PostgreSQL 9.0.
  • Added support for PostgreSQL 8.4.
  • Fixed the SQLite tests to skip the live tests when `sqlite3` cannot be found.
  • Fixed the Postgres tests to skip the live tests if `psql` cannot be found or cannot connect to the database.
  • Fixed the `checkout` test to skip tests that depend on Git and Git is not found in the path.
  • Fixed test failures on Windows (hopefully).
  • Made the order of commented configuration variables in the project configuration file deterministic. It will now always be the same order as specified by the engine class. This fixes test failures on Perl 5.17.
  • Fixed encoding issue that caused test failures on Perl 5.17.
  • Requiring Devel::StackTrace 1.30, as earlier versions can intermittently suppress errors.
  • Added hack to `App::Sqitch::X::hurl()` to work around a bug in Throwable that prevents `previous_exception` from being set half the time on v5.17.
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