Revision history for Perl extension App::Sqitch

0.961  2013-04-09T19:21:15Z
     - Fixed error when running on PostgreSQL 9.0.
     - Added support for PostgreSQL 8.4.
     - Fixed the SQLite tests to skip the live tests when `sqlite3` cannot be
     - Fixed the Postgres tests to skip the live tests if `psql` cannot be
       found or cannot connect to the database.
     - Fixed the `checkout` test to skip tests that depend on Git and Git is
       not found in the path.
     - Fixed test failures on Windows (hopefully).
     - Made the order of commented configuration variables in the project
       configuration file deterministic. It will now always be the same order
       as specified by the engine class. This fixes test failures on Perl
     - Fixed encoding issue that caused test failures on Perl 5.17.
     - Requiring Devel::StackTrace 1.30, as earlier versions can
       intermittently suppress errors.
     - Added hack to `App::Sqitch::X::hurl()` to work around a bug in
       Throwable that prevents `previous_exception` from being set half the
       time on v5.17.

0.960  2013-04-05T23:04:35Z
     - Removed `-CAS` from the shebang line on Perl 5.10.0. This is to
       eliminate `Too late for "-CAS" option` errors. This means that UTF-8
       semantics will be suboptimal on Perl 5.10.0. Consider upgrading to 5.12
       or higher.
     - Added the `checkout` command. Pass it the name of a VCS branch, and it
       will compare the plans between that branch and the current branch,
       revert to the last common change, check out the branch, and then
       redeploy. This makes it easy to switch between working branches that
       have different sets of commits. Git-only for now. Idea and code by
       Ronan Dunklau.
     - The `rebase` command no longer fails if the database is already
       reverted, but just makes a note of it and goes on to the deploy.
     - Added the `plan` command. It's like `log`, but shows a list of changes
       in the plan, rather than events recorded in the database.
     - Added `search_changes()` to Plan. Used by the `plan` command.
     - Added the `--oneline` option to the `log` command.
     - Allow tagging of an arbitrary change, not just the last change in the
       plan, by passing a change specification (name, ID, or tag) as the
       second argument to the `tag` command.
     - Updated error messages to note that blank characters are not allowed in
       project, change, or tag names.
     - Factored most of the engine-specific code into
       App::Sqitch::Role::DBIEngine. Future DBI-based engines should be able
       to use this role to handle most of the work.
     - Factored the live engine tests int `t/lib/DBIEngineTest`. Future
       DBI-based engines can use this module to do all or most of the live
     - Added the SQLite engine. The Sqitch metadata is stored in a separate
       file from a database, by default in the same directory as the database
     - Added `sqitchtutorial-sqlite.pod`, a SQLite-specific variant of

0.953  2013-02-21T23:37:57Z
     - Fixed test failure in `t/engine.t` triggered by a clock tick.
     - Changed the verify template to end with `ROLLBACK` rather than
       `COMMIT`. This it to encourage folks to make no lasting changes in
       verify tests.
     - Fixed exception triggered on an attempt to revert or rebase `--to` a
       change that does not exist in the database.
     - Added recommendation for Pod::Simple to the build process.
     - Added the `--etcdir` build option to specify the directory in which
       configuration and template files should be installed. Defaults to the
       `etc/sqitch` subdirectory of the `--prefix`, `--install_base`, or
       Perl's prefix.
     - Added the `--installed_etcdir` build option. This is used to set
       the location of the system etc directory. Defaults to the value of
     - When building with `--prefix` or `--install_base`, and without
       `--etcdir`, the configuration files and tmeplates are now installed
       into `etc/sqitch` in that directory, rather than just `etc`. This is to
       enable packaging systems to move the directory to the proper location.

0.952  2013-01-12T00:02:54Z
     - Switched from Moose to Mouse whever possible. Speeds load and runtime
       20-30%. Thanks to Michael Schwern for the pull request!

0.951  2013-01-08T00:21:58Z
     - Fixed double "@" displayed for tags in the output of `revert`.
     - Fixed reversion of reworked changes to run the original revert script,
       rather than the reworked script.
     - Added `is_reworked` accessor to App::Sqitch::Plan::Change.
     - Changed the behavior determining the file name to use for reworked
       change scripts. It now looks for a deploy script using the name of any
       tag between the reworked instances of a change and selects the first
       one it finds that exists. This will allow Sqitch to find the proper
       script name even if new tags have been added to the plan (issue #70).

0.950  2013-01-03T23:09:42Z
     - Fixed the "Name" header in `sqitch-rebase` so that it will actually
       show up on the CPAN search sites.
     - Fixed test failure triggered by the passage of time in `t/engine.t`.
     - At the start of a `deploy`, if the most recently deployed change has
       any unlogged tags (that is, tags added since the last `deploy`), they
       will be logged before the `deploy` continues (issue #60).
     - Added the `--no-log` option to `deploy`, `revert`, and `rebase`. This
       causes the changes to be logged as deployed without actually running
       the deploy scripts. Useful for an existing database that is being
       converted to Sqitch, and you need to log changes as deployed because
       they have been deployed by other means in the past.
     - Now check that dependencies are required for all changes to be deployed
       or reverted before deploying or reverting anything, rather than
       checking dependencies for each change just before deploying or reverting
       it. This allows a or revert deploy to fail sooner, with no database
       changes, when dependencies are not met.
     - The `deploy` command now checks that no changes its about to deploy are
       already deployed.
     - Added `--mode` to the `rebase` command.
     - Added the `--verify` option to `deploy` and `rebase`. Specify this
       option to run the verify script, if it exists, for each change after it
       is deployed. If the verify script dies, the deploy will be considered a
       failure and the requisite reversion (as specified for `--mode`) will
     - Added the `verify` command, which verifies that a database is valid
       relative to the plan and each deployed change's verification scripts.
     - Changed the format of the list of changes output by `deploy` and
       `revert` so that each now gets "ok" or "not ok" printed on success or
     - Added short aliases for commonly-used core options:
       * -f for --plan-file
       * -v for --verbose
       * -h for --db-host
       * -p for --db-port

0.940  2012-12-04T05:49:45Z
     - Fixed tests that failed due to I18N issues, with thanks to Arnaud
       (Arhuman) ASSAD!
     - Localized messages are now properly encoded in UTF-8. Thanks to Ronan
       Dunklau for the report (issue #46) and to Guido Flohr for details on
       how to address the issue.
     - The variables defined for the `add`, `deploy`, and `revert` commands
       now have the case of there names preserved if Config::GitLike 1.10 or
       later is installed. Thanks to Ronan Dunklau for the report (issue #48)
       and to Alex Vandiver for the case-preserving update to Config::GitLike.
     - Attempting to run `sqitch` with no command now outputs the list of
       supported commands (`sqitchcommands`), rather than the list of core
       options. Thanks to BryLo for the suggestion.
     - Changed the plan parser so that it no longer changes the order of
       changes based on the dependency graph. Unfortunately, this meant that
       the order could change from one run to another, especially if new
       changes were added since the last deploy. The planner now throws an
       exception if the order in the plan is wrong, and suggests that the user
       move changes in the plan file to get it to work properly.
     - Fixed bug where the `core.plan_file` configuration variable was
     - Improved error handling when deploying and reverting a change. If the
       change successfully deployed but the logging of the deployment to the
       database failed, there was just a rollback message. Sqitch will now
       emit the underlying error *and* run the revert script for the
       just-deployed change.
     - Modified the text hashed for change and tag IDs. Both now include the
       note, if present, the ID of the preceding change, and the list of
       dependencies. The result is that, when a change is modified or moved in
       the plan, it gets a new ID ID. The upshot is that things *must* be in
       order for a deploy to succeed. Existing deployments will automatically
       have their IDs updated by the `deploy` command.
     - Changed the `revert` command so that it *only* fetches information about
       changes to be reverted from the database, rather than the plan.
     - Deprecated the `@LAST` and `@FIRST` symbolic tags. With `revert` now
       fetching change information from the database, there is no longer a
       need to specify that changes be found in the database. It's possible
       some other way to search database changes will be added in the future,
       but if so, it will be less limiting than `@LAST` and `@FIRST`, because
       it will likely allow searches by literal tags.
     - Added the `rebase` command. This command combines a `revert` and a
       `deploy` into a single command, which should allow for more natural
       deployment testing during development. `sqitch rebase @HEAD^` should
       become a common command for database developers.
     - Duplicate values passed via `--requires` and `--conflicts` in the `add`
       and `rework` actions are now ignored.
     - The `add` command now throws an exception if `--template-directory` is
       passed or specified in the configuration file, and the specified
       directory does not exist or is not a directory. Thanks to Ronan Dunklau
       for the report! (Issue #52).
     - The `revert` command now prompts for confirmation before reverting
       anything. The prompt can be skipped via the `-y` option or setting the
       `revert.no_prompt` configuration variable. Works for rebase, too, which
       reads `rebase.no_prompt` before `revert.no_prompt`.' (Issue #49.)
     - Added the `show` command, which show information about changes or tags,
       or the contents of change script files. (Issue #57.)
     - Renamed the `test` scripts and planned command to `verify`.

0.938 2012-10-12T19:16:57Z
     - Added a primary key to the PostgreSQL `events` table, which should make
       it easier to support replication.

0.937 2012-10-09T21:54:36Z
     - Fixed the `--to` option to `deploy` and `revert`, which was ignored
       starting in v0.936.

0.936 2012-10-09T19:11:5Z2
     - Added `--set` option to the `deploy` and `revert` commands. Useful for
       setting database client variables for use in scripts. Used by the
       PostgreSQL engine.
     - Merged the contents of `dist/sqitch-pg.spec` into a subpackage in
       `sqitch.spec`. This allows both RPMs are created from a single build
       process. Simplifies things quite a bit and improves the flexibility for
       adding other engines in the future.
     - Reduced required Perl version from 5.10.1 to 5.10.0.
     - Fixed inconsistent handling of command options with dashes where some
       were ignored.
     - The bundle command now properly copies scripts for changes with slashes
       in their names -- that is, where the scripts are in subdirectories.

0.935 2012-10-02T19:21:05Z
     - Updated `dist/sqitch-pg.spec` to require `postgresql` rather than
       "postgresql91". The version doesn't matter so much.
     - All known Windows issues and failures fixed, with many thanks to Randy
       Stauner for repeatedly running tests and supplying patches:
       - Fixed "'2' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
         operable program or batch file" error on Windows.
       - Fixed multiple errors detecting Windows. The OS name is "MSWin32",
         not "Win32". The test failure thus addressed was the setting of the
         DateTime locale.
       - Fixed failing tests that were incorrectly comparing subprocess errors
         messages on Windows
       - Fixed bug in `bundle` where a file would be re-copied even if the
         source and destination had the same timestamps, as they seem to do
         during tests on Windows. Patch from Randy Stauner.
       - Fixed failing test that failed to include `.exe` in a file name on
         Windows. Patch from Randy Stauner.
     - Added French translation, with thanks to Arnaud (Arhuman) ASSAD!

0.934 2012-09-28T16:43:43Z
     - Fixed typo in error handling that prevented an I/O error message from
       being properly emitted.

0.933 2012-09-27T18:04:53Z
     - The `init` command no longer fails if `--top-dir` does not exist. It
       creates it.
     - Yet another attempt to fix "List form of pipe open not implemented" bug
       on Windows.

0.932 2012-09-26T21:32:48Z
     - One more attempt to fix "List form of pipe open not implemented" bug on

0.931 2012-09-25T19:09:14Z
     - Now properly require Text::LocaleDomain 1.20.
     - Stubbed out French and German localization files. Translators wanted!
     - Added LocaleTextDomain dzil support (no impact on distribution).
     - Fix "List form of pipe open not implemented" bug on Windows by using
       Win32::ShellQuote to quote commands.

0.93  2012-08-31T22:29:41Z
     - Added forward and reverse change references. Append ^ to a change
       reference to mean the change before, or ~ to mean the change following.
       Use ~~ and ^^ to select two changes forward and back, and ~n and ^n,
       where n is an integer, to select that number of changes forward or
       back. Idea stolen from Git, though the meanings of the characters are
     - Added the @FIRST and @LAST symbolic references to refer to the first
       and last changes deployed to the database, respectively. These vary
       from the existing @ROOT and @HEAD symbolic references, which refer to
       the first and last changes listed in the plan.
     - Updated the tutorial to use the new symbolic references and ^ and ~
       qualifiers where appropriate.
     - The messages output by the `deploy` and `revert` commands now show the
       resolved name of the `--to` target, rather than the value passed to
       `--to`. This is most useful when using a symbolic reference, so you
       can see what you're actually deploying or reverting to.

0.922 2012-08-30T17:41:59Z
     - Loosened constraint to disallow only `/[~^/=%]/` before digits at the
       end of name. This allows, for example, a tag to be named "v1.2-1".
     - Added the `bundle` command to the documentation displayed by `sqitch
     - Updated the mention of the `bundle` command in the main `sqitch`

0.921 2012-08-30T00:09:56Z
     - Made Win32::Locale required only on Windows.
     - Fixed some module minimum version requirements so that dependencies
       will be properly listed in `Build.PL`.

0.92  2012-08-28T23:14:37Z
     - Added the `bundle` command.
     - Attempts to deploy a project with a different name or URI than
       previously registered now throws an exception.
     - Added UNIQUE constraint to `projects.uri` in the PostgreSQL Sqitch
     - Added ON UPDATE actions to foreign key constraints in the PostgreSQL
       Sqitch schema.

0.913  2012-08-28T17:31:29Z
     - Fixed oversight in test that still relied on `$ENV{USER}` instead of

0.912 2012-08-27T21:23:19Z
     - Fall back on `Sqitch->sysuser` when looking for the PostgreSQL user,
       rather than just `$ENV{USER}`. The method does a lot more work to find
       the system user name. This will hopefully also fix test failures on
       systems where `$ENV{USER}` is not set.
     - Use Win32::Locale to set the locale on DateTime objects on Windows.

0.911 2012-08-23T19:19:17Z
     - Fixed more platform-specific test failures in `t/base.t`.
     - Increased liklihood of finding a user's full name on Windows. Thanks to
       H. Merijn Brand for testing.

0.91  2012-08-23T00:37:36Z
     - Moved `requires` and `conflicts` array columns from the `changes` table
       to an new table, `dependencies`, where there is just one per row.
     - Requirements are now checked before reverting a change. If the change
       is depended on by other changes, it will not be reverted (Issue #36).
     - Fixed bug where the `status` command would show changes and/or tags
       from other projects when `--show-tags` or `--show-changes` were used.
     - Fixed test failures on Windows.
     - Added more ways to look up the current username to minimize the chances
       that none is found.
     - Added Windows-specific way of finding the current user's full name,
       since the existing approach died on Windows.
     - Windows-specific modules are no longer required, but are recommended on
       Windows. They will be listed by `./Build` and added to the "recommends"
       section of the the generated `MYMETA.*` files on Windows.
     - Fixed a bug where dependencies on other projects would be rejected
       in calls to `add` and `rework`.

0.902 2012-08-20T21:14:08Z
     - Fixed another occasional test failure due to a clock tick in `t/pg.t.`
     - Fixed test failures in `t/status.t` on systems without DBD::Pg.

0.901 2012-08-20T19:31:03Z
     - Fix test failure in `t/status.t` caused by failing to ignore a
       pre-existing `~/.sqitch/sqitch.conf` configuration file.
     - Eliminated "Use of uninitialized value in length" warnings.

0.90  2012-08-18T00:05:41Z
     - Added `dist/sqitch.spec`. This file was created to generate an RPM for
       CentOS 6.1.
     - Added `dist/sqitch-pg.spec` to use for creating RPMs for Sqitch with
       PostgreSQL support.
     - Fixed an occasional test failure due to a clock tick in `t/pg.t.`
     - Switched to Dist::Zilla for creating the distribution. For end-users,
       this just means that `Build.PL` is now a generated file.
     - Required module versions are now declared in code. This is so that they
       are enforced at runtime, and also so that they will be picked up by
       Dist::Zilla for inclusion in the generated `Build.PL` and `META` files.x
     - Added support for declaring dependencies (required and conflicting
       changes) from other Sqitch projects. This allows one project to depend
       on changes from another. The syntax is `--requires $projname:$change`.
       This use of the colon required a few changes to the Plan syntax:
       + Pragmas may now appear only in the first "header" section of the
         plan, separated from the changes in the "body" of the plan by a blank
       + Required dependencies no longer begin with ":". Conflicts still must
         begin with "!".
       + Object names may no longer contain ":", as it is used for project
       + Project-qualified dependencies are supported by the project name
         appearing before the change name, separated by a colon.
     - Added App::Sqitch::Plan::Depend, an object to parse, represent, and
       serialize dependencies.
     - The plan parser does not validate changes required from other projects,
       as it has no access to the plans from those projects.
     - The engine interface validates cross-project dependencies before
       deploying changes.
     - Project data is not included in the Sqitch metadata tables in the
       database. There is a table for all known projects, as well as foreign
       key references in the `changes`, `tags`, and `events` tables.
     - Project information is now displayed in the output of `sqitch status`
       and `sqitch log` (in some formats).
     - Added `--project` option to `sqitch status` to identify the project for
       which to display the status. Defaults to the current project, if there
       is one, or to the project in the database, if there is only one
       registered project.
     - Added `--project` option to `sqitch log` to allow searching for events
       from projects matching a regular expression.
     - Now require Config::GitLike 1.09 for its improved character encoding
     - Dependencies can now be declared as SHA1 hash IDs, including for IDs
       from other projects.
     - Fixed change and tag name validation to count "_" as a non-punctuation
       character, and therefore able to be used at the beginning or end of
     - Replaced the `appuser` change in `sqitchtutorial` with `appschema`.
       This simplifies things, since users are global objects in PostgreSQL,
       while schemas are not. As a result, a bunch of irrelevant code was
       removed from the tutorial.

0.82  2012-08-03T21:25:27Z
     - Now require Moose 2.0300, since MooseX::Role::Parameterized, which
       requires Role::HasMessage, requires it, anyway,
     - Fixed test failure in `t/pg.t` when running on Test::More 0.94.
     - Require POSIX in `t/datetime.t` to fix test failure with CentOS 6
       Perl. Not sure why it did not fail anywhere else, but it's harmless
       enough to make sure it's loaded early.

0.81  2012-08-03T11:34:46Z
     - Removed wayward `/l` from a regular expression, which breaks Perls
       earlier than 5.14, and is not needed anyway.
     - Fixed error in `log` that caused invalid output on Perls earlier than
       5.14. Seems that `return` is required for `when` statements meant to
       return a value, and postfix `when` is not supported in Perl 5.10.

0.80  2012-08-01T21:54:00Z
     - Added the `log` command to `sqitchcommands.pod`, which is shown as the
       output of `sqitch help`.
     - Added  `` and `` configuration variables.
     - Now using `` and ``, rather than the system or
       database user name, to log the user committing changes to a database.
     - Database-specific options are now prefixed with `--db-`.
     - Added "raw" format to App::Sqitch::DateTime. It is ISO-8601 format in
     - Modified the "raw" log format to use the raw DateTime format.
     - Added timestamp and planner info to the plan. This is additional
       metadata included in every change and tag: The planner's name and email
       address and the current timestamp. This makes it easier to audit who
       added changes to a plan and when.
     - Added the `--note` option to the `add`, `rework`, and `tag` commands.
     - For consistency throughout, renamed all attributes and options from
       "message" and "comment" to "note", which is shorter and better reflects
       their purpose.
     - The planner's name and email address, as well as the plan time and
       note, are now stored in the database whenever changes or tags are
       committed and logged.
     - Renamed various database columns to be more consistent, with the terms
       "commit", "plan", and "note".
     - Added `requires` and `conflicts` columns to the events table, so that
       they can become available to the `log` command.
     - Various `log` format changes:
       * Renamed %n (newline) to %v (vertical space)
       * Renamed %c to %n (change name)
       * Replaced %a (committer name) with %c (committer info). It takes an
         optional argument:
         + "name" or "n" for committer name
         + "email" or "e" for committer email
         + "d" or "date" for commit date
         + "d:$format" or "date:$format" for formatted commit date
       * Added %p (planner info). It takes an optional argument just like
         "%c" does:
         + "name" or "n" for planner name
         + "email" or "e" for planner email
         + "d" or "date" for plan date
         + "d:$format" or "date:$format" for formatted plan date
       * Added special argument to "%C", `:event", which returns a color based
         on the value of the event type:
         + Green for "deploy"
         + Blue for "revert"
         + Red for "fail"
       * Added "%r" and "%R" for lists of required changes.
       * Added "%x" and "%X" for lists of conflicting changes.
       * Added "%a" to display an unlocalized attribute name and value.
       * Added "planner", "committer", "planned", and "email" arguments to %_.
       * Documented that the dates can take CLDR or strftime formats, too.
       * Added the %s, %b, and %B format for "subject", "body", and raw body
         akin to Git. The values are taken from the note value, if available.
       * Added committer email addresses to default formats.
       * Added plan data to default formats.
       * Added note data to default formats.
       * Added lists of required and conflicting changes to the "raw" and
         "full" formats.
       * Switched to event-driven colors for event types and change IDs in
         default formats.
       * Added color to the event type and change ID output in the "raw"
    - Added detailed descriptions of the default formats to `sqitch-log.pod`.
    - Updated the Change object to encode and decode vertical whitespace in a
      note, so that all data remains on a single line for each object in the
      plan file.
    - Now require a note when adding, reworking, or tagging a change. If
      `--note` is not specified, an editor will be launched and the user
      prompted to write a note. This is similar to how `git commit` behaves,
      and encourages documentation of changes.
    - Added required "project" and optional "uri" pragmas to the plan.
    - Added `--project` and `--uri` attributes to the `init` command.
    - Removed the `core.uri` configuration variable and corresponding core
      `--uri` option (since it has been replaced with the `init` command's
      `--uri` option.
    - Command-line arguments are now all assumed to be UTF-8, and are parsed
      as such.
    - Added workaround to force the configuration file to be written and read
      as UTF-8. Requires an unreleased version of Config::GitLike to actually
      work properly.
    - Text passed to a pager (as when running `sqitch log`) is now encoded in
    - Fixed `--quiet` option so that it properly trumps `--verbose`.

0.71  2012-07-12T15:30:27Z
     - Updated the example `sqitch log` output in `sqitchtutorial`.
     - Changed the terms "actor", "agent" to "committer" throughout the API
       and output.
     - Renamed the `events` table columns from `logged_at` and `logged_by` to
       `committed_at` and `committed_by`.

0.70  2012-07-12T13:24:13Z
     - Changed the `current_changes()` and `current_tags()` Engine methods so
       that they return iterator code references instead of lists.
     - Added the `search_events()` Engine method, to search the event log.
     - Added the `pager` attribute and `page()` methods to App::Sqitch.
     - Added support for `strftime:` and `cldr:` options to the `status`
       command's `--date-format` option.
     - Added the `log` command.
     - Added the `strftime:$string` and `cldr:$string` options to
       `--date-format` in the `status` and `log` commands.

0.60  2012-07-07T11:12:26Z
     - Removed some discussion of VCS integration, since it is not yet
       implemented, and it may be a while before it is.
     - Added `sqitchcommands`, documentation of the most common Sqitch
       commands, and fixed `--help` to show it.
     - Fixed `--man` to show the sqitch command documentation.
     - Fixed error handling for unknown commands, so that it displays a
       message saying the command is unknown, rather than a stack trace.
     - Adding a change after a tag now also inserts a blank line into the plan
       between the tag and the new change, for nicer plan file formatting.
     - Added the `status` command.
     - Added App::Sqitch::DateTime, a DateTime subclass with named formats.

0.51  2012-07-04T18:34:07Z
     - Added Role::HasMessage to the list or requirements in `Build.PL`. Was
       an oversight that it was omitted in v0.50.
     - Removed the `--dry-run` option. It was completely ignored. Maybe it
       will return someday.
     - Removed `fail()`, `bail()`, `unfound()`, and `help()`. It's better for
       commands not to exit, so have them throw exceptions in the appropriate
       places, instead.
     - Replaced all uses of Carp and non-exception handling uses of `die` with
       our own localized exceptions.
     - Localized all output and exception messages.

0.50  2012-07-03T19:55:20Z
     - Require a plan file.
     - Renamed "steps" to "changes".
     - New plan file spec.
       + Tags are just labels on a particular change, no longer a list of
       + Dependencies now specified in the plan file, not in the deploy
       + Changes can be specified as deploys or reverts, though reverts
         are not currently supported.
       + Changes can be specified with an optional leading `+` for deploy or
         `-` for revert, which will eventually be important for conflict
       + Dependencies can be specified as other change names, tags, or a
         change as of a tag (e.g., `foo@beta`).
       + Pragmas can be specified with a leading `%`. Only `%syntax-version`
         is currently recognized; all others are ignored.
     - Renamed the `add-step` command to just `add`.
     - Added the `tag` command.
     - Added the `revert` command.
     - Added the `rework` command.
     - Added exception objects and started using them.
     - Added localization support and started using it.
     - Added IDs to changes and tags. These are SHA1s generated from the return
       value of the new `info` method, which describes the change or tag.
     - Updated the PostgreSQL engine to comply with the new Engine API.
     - Updated the PostgreSQL engine to use IDs for tracking changes and tags.
     - Eliminated the term "node" from the plan implementation and docs.
     - Updated the engine base class for the new plan API, and to just deploy
       changes one-at-a-time.
     - Added many new ways to look for changes in the plan, including:
       + `change_name`
       + `@tag_name`
       + `change_name@tag_name`
       + `change_id`
       + `tag_id`
     - The plan file can now be written out with nearly all white space and
       comments preserved.
     - Changed the `add` command to write out the plan file after a new change
       is added.
     - Change names can now be duplicated, as long as a tag name appears
       between them.
     - Renamed `target` to destination in Engine.
     - Started referring to the change to deploy or revert to in docs as the
     - PostgreSQL errors will now be thrown as Sqitch exceptions, for proper
       handling during command execution.
     - Added required `core.uri` configuration setting. Used to keep change
       IDs unique across projects.
     - Added `--mode` option to `deploy`, to trigger reverts on failure to
       + Not at all: keep the latest successful change.
       + To the last deployed tag
       + To the point at which the current deploy started
     - Added the implicit tags `@ROOT` and `@HEAD` for looking up changes in
       the plan.
     - Renamed `sql_dir` to `top_dir` and made it default to the current
     - Changed the location of the plan file to the top directory. This will
       make it easier to have plans and scripts for multiple database
       platforms in a single project.
     - Fixed a bug in the build process so that template files will be
       properly written to the `etc` directory.
     - Rewrote `sqitchtutorial` to reflect the new realities.
     - Updated `sqitch` documentation, and moved the plan file information to

0.31  2012-05-21T22:29:42Z
     - Fixed some typos and failing tests.

0.30  2012-05-18T15:43:12Z
     - The `init` command now properly writes out the `[core]` section header
       when there are only commented core settings.
     - The `--requires` and `--conflicts` options to `add` now work
     - Fixed anticipated Win32 test failures in `t/init.t`.'
     - Fixed the `--plan-file`, `--top-dir`, and other directory options so
       that they no longer throw errors, but actually work.
     - Implemented the plan parser. It's designed to later be subclassed to
       support VCS integration. Includes dependency parsing and sorting.
     - Switched to IPC::System::Simple instead for system/capture code.
     - Implemented Engine interface for deploying and reverting tags.
     - Implemented PostgreSQL engine. It uses a lock to ensure that only one
       deployment can run at any time.
     - Added the `deploy` command. it is now possible to deploy to a
       PostgreSQL database.

0.20  2012-05-01T02:48:47Z
     - Added `--local` option to `sqitch config`.
     - Renamed `project_file()` to `--local_file()` in App::Sqitch::Config.
     - `sqitch init` now writes core and engine config settings with default
       values to the configuration file. This makes it easier for folks to get
       started editing it.
     - Implemented `add` command. Includes support for system-wide or
       use-specific templates using Template::Tiny.
     - Added `etc` directory with default templates. This is installed into
       `$Config{prefix}/etc/skitch`, unless built with `--prefix` or
       `--install_base`, in which case it will simply be installed into `etc`
       in that directory.
     - Added `--etc-path`, so that one can know where the system-wide
       configuration and templates are to be found.

0.11  2012-04-27T06:44:54Z
     - Implemented `init` command.
     - Started sketching out the engine interface, with preliminary PostgreSQL
       and SQLite implementations.
     - Require Perl v5.10.1 (did before, but in the wrong place, so it was
     - Fixed test failures on different verions of Moose.
     - Fixed test failure on Perl 5.12.

0.10  2012-04-25T20:46:59Z
      - Initial unstable release.
      - Implemented `help` command.
      - Implemented `config` command, very similar to `git-config`.