Changes for version 0.970

  • Fixed the default ordering of changes displayed by the `plan` command. They are now ascending by default.
  • Switched to PerlIO::utf8_strict for fast character encoding and decoding.
  • The help emitted when an unknown option is passed to `sqitch` now consists of a usage statement and brief table of options, rather than the entire man page.
  • Added the project name in a header to the output of the `plan` command.
  • Added the Oracle engine.
  • Added `sqitchtutorial-oracle.pod`, a Oracle-specific variant of `sqitchtutorial.pod`.
  • Added missing version declaration to the App::Sqitch::Plan::* modules.
  • Devel::StackTrace 1.30 is now properly required (it was previously recommended).
  • The `--show-tags` and `--show-changes` options to the `status` command now show the changes when the project plan cannot be found (issue #90).
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