Changes for version 0.971

  • Removed most uses of the smartmatch operator, since as of Perl 5.17.11 it is marked as experimental, and silenced the warning where it is still used.
  • Added 0.1s sleep between logging changes back-to-back in the engine tests, mostly to try to get SQLite to generate different timestamps. Pretty sure the recent test failures have been due to the passage of less than a millisecond between the two inserts.
  • Added the `shell` and `quote_shell` methods to for shelling out a command.
  • Sqitch now shells out to an editor when opening a file for the user to edit. For example, if the `$EDITOR` environment variable is set to `"emacs -nw"`, it will now work. Thanks to Florian Ragwitz for the report (issue #80).
  • Removed the pod-checking tests from the distribution.
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