Changes for version 0.980

  • Changed the default SQLite Sqitch database name from `$dbname-sqitch.$suffix` to `sqitch.$suffix`. The `$suffix` still comes from the destination database name. This breaks compatibility with previous releases. If you need the old name, set it with `sqitch config core.sqlite.sqitch_db $dbname`.
  • Fixed encoding of the user's full name when fetched from the system on OS X. Thanks to Tomohiro Hosaka for the pull request!
  • Fixed test failures when DBD::SQLite is installed but compiled with SQLite 3.7.10 or lower.
  • Fixed a bug where declaring a dependency on a reworked change would incorrectly result in the error "Key "foo" matches multiple changes". Thanks to BryLo for the report (issue #103).
  • Modified tests to allow them to run in parallel without stomping on each other.
  • Bundling of options, such as `-vvv`, now works properly (issue #108).
  • Added alias `--get-regexp` for `--get-regex` to the `config` command. This brings it in line with the documentation for the `config` command (Issue #110).
  • Fixed all of the `config` command actions that contain a dash so that they actually work. Thanks to Ștefan Suciu for the report (issue #110).
  • All leading and trailing white space is now trimmed from plan notes, rather than just vertical white space. Thanks to Ronan Dunklau for the report (issue #106).
  • The `status` command now notices if the specified database is uninitialized and says as much, rather than dying with an SQL error (issue #109).
  • When reading the user's name from the system to generate the default value of the `` config, Sqitch now uses Encode::Locale to try to decode the value from the system encoding. Note that this is not necessary if `` is explicitly set, as recommended. Issue #107.
  • Compatibility change: Changed the location and name of script template files. Previously they were called `deploy.tmpl`, `revert.tmpl`, and `verify.tmpl`, and they lived in the `templates` subdirectory of the system-wide and user-specific configuration directories. They now live in subdirectories of the `templates` directory named for each action (deploy, revert, and verify), and with file names matching engine names (`pg.tmpl`, `sqlite.tmpl`, `oracle.tmpl`, and `mysql.tmpl`). The installer will move old files from the system-wide config directory (`sqitch --etc-path`) to their new homes, named `pg.tmpl` and `sqlite.tmpl`. It assumes no customizations exist for Oracle. If that's not true in your case, simply copy the `pg.tmpl` files to `oracle.tmpl`.
  • Added the `--template-name` option to the `add` command. By default, it looks for templates named for the current engine. The option allows for the user of task-specific templates. For example, if you create templates named `createtable.tmpl` in the `deploy`, `revert`, and `verify` subdirectories of `~/.sqitch/templates`, You can specify `--template-name createtable` to use those templates when adding a change.
  • Added the `--exists` option to the `show` command.
  • Fixed the `--set` option to the `add` command so that duplicate keys have their values passed to the template as an array, as documented.
  • If Template::Toolkit is installed, the `add` command will use it for processing templates instead of Template::Tiny. This makes it easy to upgrade the templating environment just by installing a module.
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