Changes for version 0.991

  • Greatly simplified determining the Firebird ISQL client. It no longer tries so hard to find a full path, but does seach through the path list for a likely candidate between fbsql, isql-fb, and isql (or equivalents ending in .exe on Windows).
  • Removed a bunch of inappropriately pasted stuff from the Firebird tutorial, and updated it a bit.
  • `HEAD` and `ROOT` are now recognized as aliases for `@HEAD` and `@ROOT`, when querying the database, too. That means that `revert --to HEAD` now works the same as `revert --to @HEAD`, as had been expected in v0.990.
  • Eliminated "use of uninitialized value" warnings when database connections fail.
  • Reduced the minimum required DBD::Firebird to v1.11.
  • Fixed the `--verbose` option to the `target` command.
  • Eliminated more user-configuration issues in tests, thanks to chromatic.
  • Fixed test failures when the `$PGPASSWORD` environment variable is set, thanks to Ioan Rogers's test smoker.
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