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David E. Wheeler
sqitch - Sane database change management
sqitch-add - Add a database change to the plan
sqitch-add-usage - Sqitch add usage statement
sqitch-bundle - Bundle a Sqitch project for distribution
sqitch-bundle-usage - Sqitch bundle usage statement
sqitch-checkout - Revert, checkout another VCS branch, and re-deploy changes
sqitch-checkout-usage - Sqitch checkout usage statement
sqitch-config - Get and set local, user, or system Sqitch options
sqitch-config-usage - Sqitch config usage statement
sqitch-deploy - Deploy changes to a database
sqitch-deploy-usage - Sqitch deploy usage statement
sqitch-help - Display help for Sqitch and Sqitch commands
sqitch-help-usage - Sqitch help usage statement
sqitch-init - Create a new Sqitch project
sqitch-init-usage - Sqitch init usage statement
sqitch-log - Show Sqitch change logs
sqitch-log-usage - Sqitch log usage statement
sqitch-plan - Show planned database changes
sqitch-plan-usage - Sqitch plan usage statement
sqitch-rebase - Revert and redeploy database changes
sqitch-rebase-usage - Sqitch rebase usage statement
sqitch-revert - Revert changes to a database
sqitch-revert-usage - Sqitch revert usage statement
sqitch-rework - Rework a database change
sqitch-rework-usage - Sqitch rework usage statement
sqitch-show - Show object information or change file contents
sqitch-show-usage - Sqitch show usage statement
sqitch-status - Show the current deployment status of a database
sqitch-status-usage - Sqitch status usage statement
sqitch-tag - Create or list tag objects
sqitch-tag-usage - Sqitch tag usage statement
sqitch-target - Mange set of target databases
sqitch-target-usage - Sqitch target usage statement
sqitch-verify - Verify deployed database changes
sqitch-verify-usage - Sqitch verify usage statement
sqitchcommands - List of common sqitch commands
sqitchtutorial - A tutorial introduction to Sqitch change management on PostgreSQL
sqitchtutorial-firebird - A tutorial introduction to Sqitch change management on Firebird
sqitchtutorial-mysql - A tutorial introduction to Sqitch change management on MySQL
sqitchtutorial-oracle - A tutorial introduction to Sqitch change management on Oracle
sqitchtutorial-sqlite - A tutorial introduction to Sqitch change management on SQLite
sqitchusage - Sqitch usage statement
App::Sqitch - Sane database change management
App::Sqitch::Command - Sqitch Command support
App::Sqitch::Command::add - Add a new change to a Sqitch plan
App::Sqitch::Command::bundle - Bundle Sqitch changes for distribution
App::Sqitch::Command::checkout - Revert, change checkout a VCS branch, and redeploy
App::Sqitch::Command::config - Get and set local, user, or system Sqitch options
App::Sqitch::Command::deploy - Deploy Sqitch changes to a database
App::Sqitch::Command::help - Display help information about Sqitch
App::Sqitch::Command::init - Initialize a Sqitch project
App::Sqitch::Command::log - Show a database event log
App::Sqitch::Command::plan - List the changes in the plan
App::Sqitch::Command::rebase - Revert and redeploy Sqitch changes
App::Sqitch::Command::revert - Revert Sqitch changes from a database
App::Sqitch::Command::rework - Rework a Sqitch change
App::Sqitch::Command::show - Show Sqitch changes to a database
App::Sqitch::Command::status - Display status information about Sqitch
App::Sqitch::Command::tag - Add or list tags in a Sqitch plan
App::Sqitch::Command::target - Add, modify, or list Sqitch target databases
App::Sqitch::Command::verify - Verify deployed Sqitch changes
App::Sqitch::Config - Sqitch configuration management
App::Sqitch::DateTime - Sqitch DateTime object
App::Sqitch::Engine - Sqitch Deployment Engine
App::Sqitch::Engine::firebird - Sqitch Firebird Engine
App::Sqitch::Engine::mysql - Sqitch MySQL Engine
App::Sqitch::Engine::oracle - Sqitch Oracle Engine
App::Sqitch::Engine::pg - Sqitch PostgreSQL Engine
App::Sqitch::Engine::sqlite - Sqitch SQLite Engine
App::Sqitch::ItemFormatter - Format events and changes for command output
App::Sqitch::Plan - Sqitch Deployment Plan
App::Sqitch::Plan::Blank - Sqitch deployment plan blank line
App::Sqitch::Plan::Change - Sqitch deployment plan tag
App::Sqitch::Plan::ChangeList - Sqitch deployment plan change list
App::Sqitch::Plan::Depend - Sqitch dependency specification
App::Sqitch::Plan::Line - Sqitch deployment plan line
App::Sqitch::Plan::LineList - Sqitch deployment plan line list
App::Sqitch::Plan::Pragma - Sqitch deployment plan blank line
App::Sqitch::Plan::Tag - Sqitch deployment plan tag
App::Sqitch::Role::DBIEngine - An engine based on the DBI
App::Sqitch::Role::RevertDeployCommand - A command that reverts and deploys
App::Sqitch::X - Sqitch Exception class
Changes for version 0.991
    • Greatly simplified determining the Firebird ISQL client. It no longer tries so hard to find a full path, but does seach through the path list for a likely candidate between fbsql, isql-fb, and isql (or equivalents ending in .exe on Windows).
    • Removed a bunch of inappropriately pasted stuff from the Firebird tutorial, and updated it a bit.
    • `HEAD` and `ROOT` are now recognized as aliases for `@HEAD` and `@ROOT`, when querying the database, too. That means that `revert --to HEAD` now works the same as `revert --to @HEAD`, as had been expected in v0.990.
    • Eliminated "use of uninitialized value" warnings when database connections fail.
    • Reduced the minimum required DBD::Firebird to v1.11.
    • Fixed the `--verbose` option to the `target` command.
    • Eliminated more user-configuration issues in tests, thanks to chromatic.
    • Fixed test failures when the `$PGPASSWORD` environment variable is set, thanks to Ioan Rogers's test smoker.

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