Changes for version 0.993

  • Fixed engine loading to prefer the engine implied by the target URI over the `core.engine` configuration variable. This means that you no longer have to pass `--engine` when using commands that accept a target option or argument, such as `deploy`.
  • Fixed test failure when DBD::Firebird is installed but Firebird isql cannot be found.
  • Fixed issue where the revert command fails to execute the proper revert script. This can occur when a change has been reworked in the plan, but the reworked version of the change has not been deployed to the database. Thanks to Timothy Procter for the report (Issue #166).
  • Fixed issue with aggregating text values with `COLLECT()` on Oracle. Thanks to Timothy Procter for the digging and invocation of an Oracle support request (Issue #91).
  • Fixed issue where SQL*Plus could not run rework scripts because of the `@` in the file name. It now uses a symlink (or copied file on Windows) to circumvent the problem. Thanks to Timothy Procter for the report (Issue #165).
  • Fix issue where, on first deploy, the MySQL engine would fail to notice that the server was not the right version of MySQL. Thanks to Luke Young for the report (Issue #158).
  • Made the `checkit()` MySQL function DETERMINISTIC, to improve compatability with MariaDB. Thanks to Jesse Luehrs for the report (Issue #158).
  • Fixed deployment to PostgreSQL 8.4 so that it no longer chokes on the `:tableopts`. Thanks to Justin Hawkins for the report!
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