David E. Wheeler

Changes for version 0.30

  • Added semi-affordance accessor generation.
  • Modified arguments passed to check code references. Now, in addition to the new value to be assiged to the attribute, the object being assigned to and the Class::Meta::Attribute object that describes the attribute are passed. If the attribute is a class attribute, then the second argument is a hash reference containing the existing value and the name of the package.
  • Thanks the the presence of the attribute object as an argument to check code references, the name of the attribute is now included in exceptions thrown for "once" and "required" attributes.
  • Added "class" accessors to Constructor, Attribute, and Method, to return the Class object for the class in which the constructor, attribute, or method was defined.
  • Added "error_handler" parameter to Class::Meta->new to be called for fatal errors.
  • Added default_error_handler() class method to Class::Meta to act as the default error handler when no "error_handler" parameter is passed to Class::Meta->new.
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