David E. Wheeler

Changes for version 0.60

  • Required constraints are now enforced by the constructor, as well as the individual attributes themselves. Frankly, it was a bug that this isn't the way it worked before, although at the time I thought it was a feature. This is a backwards compatibility change, but see the next point. Reported by Jon Swartz.
  • Added support for an optional subroutine reference to be passed as the final argument to constructors created by Class::Meta. The object being constructed will be passed to the anonymous sub after all of the specified and default values have been set, but before required constraints are enforced. This allows developers to have a scope within which to work before required attributes throw an exception.
  • Added a link to the Subversion repository.
  • Moved the "Justification" section of the documentation nearer to the bottom. Suggested by Jon Swartz.
  • The "view" parameter is now enforced for methods when the method body is passed via the "code" parameter. Reported by Jon Swartz.
  • Added the `trusted` method to Class::Meta::Class.
  • You can now use strings to specify constant values when declaring class attributes, methods, etc. The strings correspond to their equivalent constant names, such as "PUBLIC", "PRIVATE", "GET", "SET", "OBJECT", "CLASS", and so on. The corresponding constant value will, however, be stored in the resulting Class::Meta object.
  • A more useful exception is now thrown when an attribute is assed with a missing or unknown type.
  • Added the `default_type` parameter to `new()`, and the corresponding attribute to Class::Meta::Class. This value will be used for the data type of attributes created without a data type. Borrowed from Class::Meta::Express.
  • Many of the parameters to `Class::Meta->new` are now passed on to suclasses if they are not explicitly specified by those subclasses. This makes it easier to get the same settings (e.g., for Class::Meta subclasses or for the default type) without typing the same things over and over in subclasses.
  • Added a spelling test. This has the benefit of reducing the number of annoying spelling errors in the documentation.
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