David E. Wheeler

Changes for version 2.84

  • Added `--smtp-tls` to the output of `man svnnotify`.
  • Removed `--smtp-authtype` from the output of `man svnnotify`.
  • Added `--diff-content-type` option. Defaults to "text/plain" for backward compatibility. Patch by Daniel P. Wright.
  • Renamed `Filter.pm` to `Filter.pod`, since it's just documentation.
  • Removed the pod tests from the distribution.
  • Changed the CSS for message `<pre>` blocks to use `white-space: pre-line`, so that long lines will be wrapped, but newlines are still respected as usual. Thanks to Dave Abrahams for the patch (and the persistence).
  • Changed C<to_regex_map> to allow it to match any path in the repository, including files, rather than just directories. Patch from mscherer.
  • Fixed error when the first line of the commit message is less than 10 characters long (issue #2).
  • Fixed the "From" and "To" headers so that they are properly encoded as MIME headers (issue #6).
  • Removed the Makefile.PL, which was just passing through to Module::Build. That pattern is now deprecated, and Module::Build is required for configuration.
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