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Léon Brocard
Dackup - Flexible file backup
Dackup::Target::CloudFiles - Flexible file backup to/from CloudFiles
Dackup::Target::Filesystem - Flexible file backup to/from the filesystem
Dackup::Target::S3 - Flexible file backup to/from Amazon S3
Dackup::Target::SSH - Flexible file backup remote hosts via SSH
Dackup::Cache in lib/Dackup/Cache.pm
Dackup::Entry in lib/Dackup/Entry.pm
Dackup::Target in lib/Dackup/Target.pm
Changes for version 0.44
    • add a file test (patch by Leo Lapworth)
    • do not backup the cache file (patch by Leo Lapworth)
    • note in documentation that S3 bucket must already exist (patch by Leo Lapworth)
    • add prefix to S3 and CloudFiles documentation (patch by Leo Lapworth)

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