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Changes for version 0.3

  • Allow Perl modules to be loaded from the '_lib' directory in the content repository. r557
  • Publishing feature to bring live sites up to date:
    • Do publishing work automatically, and change the 'daizu' commands for publishing in different ways to be easier to understand. r612
    • Methods in generators to figure out what additional publishing work to do. r575, r587, r588, r589, r591, r597, r599, r600, r618
    • Track changes to URLs. r596, r638
    • Track changes to content. r597, r598, r600, r613
    • Output files are atomically moved into place, and old ones are only overwritten if the content has changed, to preserve modification times. r614, r615
    • Output files now have the execute permission if the file in the content repository is marked as executable. r593
  • Allow connection to remote content repository with 'svn:' URL. r626, r630, r639, r643
  • Plugin changes:
    • Daizu::Plugin::PictureArticle correctly encodes 'alt'. r620
    • PictureArticle output is prettier and more accessible. r606
    • Articles are reloaded if any properties change, because plugins might depend on their values. r622
    • Daizu::Plugin::HeaderAnchor, various small bug fixes. r635
  • New plugins:
    • Article filter plugins can now add information as well as modifying the content. r577, r640
    • Daizu::Plugin::DisplayPicture. r577, r620, r628, r646
    • Daizu::Plugin::ImageMetadata. r631, r636
    • Daizu::Plugin::RelatedLinks. r640
  • Blog generator:
    • Refactoring to make it easier to subclass. r569
    • Correctly ignore blog articles hidden in '_hide' directories. r562
    • Number of articles shown on the homepage is configurable. r590
  • Correct use of 'xml:base' in blog feeds. This fixes relative links and images in blog articles, at least for Bloglines and Google Reader. See http://www.daizucms.org/blog/2006/10/xml-base/ for details. r605, r624
  • Google sitemaps:
    • Use the new XML namespace. r629
    • Rename URL method and configuration element to 'xml_sitemap' and 'xml-sitemap' respectively, since they are no longer specific to Google. r650
  • Do simple SSI processing when previewing output, in case your templates use SSIs to implement part of the site design. r560
  • Article loading:
    • Preserve comments in loaded article content. r567
    • Don't save unnecessary XML and DOCTYPE declarations. r633
  • Fix a bug which caused a database constraint breakage sometimes when an active URL changes from one file to another. Preserve redirects where the target URL is 'gone' in case it comes back. r581, r596
  • Bug fix for 'url-content' command. r558
  • Fix UTF-8 encoding bug in preview script. r568
  • Work around bug in Encode module in Perl 5.8.4. r627
  • Make the 'update-all-articles' command work if no working copy ID is specified. r632
  • Avoid unnecessary dependencies on other CPAN modules:
    • Data::Validate::URI is no longer required (but the same checks are done internally now). r571
    • IO::Scalar wasn't being used anyway. r585
  • Don't unnecessarily use a temporary file when parsing XHTML. r564
  • Rewrite maps:
    • Fix bug affecting content of the map files. r579
    • Factor out the code for generating them. r583
    • Make it an error to use the same map filename more than once. r595
  • Template and style changes:
    • Fix layout problem in IE 6. r578
    • Navigation menu is more flexible about which of 'title' and 'short title' are available. r561
    • Show a link to the homepage of a blog in its navigation menu. r563
    • The links in the <head> of blog pages are now generated using the standard 'head/meta.tt' template, and they are passed to it in a more flexible format. Blog pages which aren't articles no longer have bad previous or next links in. r566
    • New (by default empty) template for adding extra HTML at the end of the file, like Google Analytics code. r594
    • Include description and tags ('keywords') metadata in <meta> elements in the output. r602, r611
    • Only one set of next/previous links need to be provided on blog articles. r607
    • Data tables in articles are centered, and table captions are styled better. r608
  • Upgrade and downgrade scripts:
    • All now stored under the 'upgrade' directory. r603, r609
    • The new upgrade script removes some unnecessary tables, and fixes an index. r604, r619
    • http://www.daizucms.org/blog/2006/11/release-0.3/
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  • daizu - command line interface to Daizu CMS
  • downgrade.pl - downgrade the database for a Daizu 0.2 installation to work with Daizu 0.1
  • downgrade.pl - downgrade the database for a Daizu 0.3 installation to work with Daizu 0.2
  • upgrade.pl - upgrade the database for a Daizu 0.1 installation to work with Daizu 0.2
  • upgrade.pl - upgrade the database for a Daizu 0.2 installation to work with Daizu 0.3