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Tim Bunce
Changes - Revision history for DashProfiler
DashProfiler - efficiently collect call count and timing data aggregated by context
DashProfiler::Apache - Hook DashProfiler into Apache mod_perl (v1 or v2)
DashProfiler::Auto - Creates and imports a predeclared DashProfiler sampler
DashProfiler::Core - DashProfiler core object and sampler factory
DashProfiler::Import - Import curried DashProfiler sampler function at compile-time
DashProfiler::Sample - encapsulates the acquisition of a single sample
DashProfiler::UserGuide - a user guide for the DashProfiler modules
DashProfiler::DumpNowhere in lib/DashProfiler/Core.pm
DBD::DashProfiler in lib/DashProfiler/Core.pm
DBD::DashProfiler::db in lib/DashProfiler/Core.pm
DBD::DashProfiler::dr in lib/DashProfiler/Core.pm
DBD::DashProfiler::st in lib/DashProfiler/Core.pm

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