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Data::BitStream - A bit stream class including integer coding methods
Data::BitStream::BLVec - An XS-wrapper implementation of Data::BitStream
Data::BitStream::Base - A Role implementing the API for Data::BitStream
Data::BitStream::BitVec - A Bit::Vector implementation of Data::BitStream
Data::BitStream::Code::ARice - A Role implementing Adaptive Rice codes
Data::BitStream::Code::Additive - A Role implementing Additive codes
Data::BitStream::Code::Baer - A Role implementing Baer codes
Data::BitStream::Code::BoldiVigna - A Role implementing Zeta codes
Data::BitStream::Code::Comma - A Role implementing Comma codes
Data::BitStream::Code::Delta - A Role implementing Elias Delta codes
Data::BitStream::Code::Escape - A Role implementing Escape codes
Data::BitStream::Code::EvenRodeh - A Role implementing Even-Rodeh codes
Data::BitStream::Code::ExponentialGolomb - A Role implementing Exponential-Golomb codes
Data::BitStream::Code::Fibonacci - A Role implementing Fibonacci codes
Data::BitStream::Code::Gamma - A Role implementing Elias Gamma codes
Data::BitStream::Code::GammaGolomb - A Role implementing Gamma-Golomb codes
Data::BitStream::Code::Golomb - A Role implementing Golomb codes
Data::BitStream::Code::Levenstein - A Role implementing Levenstein codes
Data::BitStream::Code::Omega - A Role implementing Elias Omega codes
Data::BitStream::Code::Rice - A Role implementing Rice codes
Data::BitStream::Code::StartStop - A Role implementing Start/Stop and Start-Step-Stop codes
Data::BitStream::Code::Taboo - A Role implementing Taboo codes
Data::BitStream::MinimalVec - A minimal implementation of Data::BitStream
Data::BitStream::String - A String implementation of Data::BitStream
Data::BitStream::Vec - A Vector-1 implementation of Data::BitStream
Data::BitStream::WordVec - A Vector-32 implementation of Data::BitStream
Data::BitStream::Code::BER in lib/Data/BitStream/Code/BER.pm
Data::BitStream::Code::Varint in lib/Data/BitStream/Code/Varint.pm
Changes for version 0.07
    • Change from Mouse to Moo. Mouse has great performance, but the Perl community is moving toward Moo/Moose and away from Any:Moose and Mouse. In most cases Moo will be similar performance assuming the Class::XSAccessor module is installed.
    • Remove some Unicode characters that snuck into references.
    • Much faster primes for big Goldbach codes. DBXS is still ~30x faster overall, but almost all of that is the pair search.
    • Add BER and Varint codes.

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