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Ricardo SIGNES
Data::Hive - convenient access to hierarchical data
Data::Hive::PathPacker - a thing that converts paths to strings and then back
Data::Hive::PathPacker::Flexible - a path packer that can be customized with callbacks
Data::Hive::PathPacker::Strict - a simple, strict path packer
Data::Hive::Store - a backend storage driver for Data::Hive
Data::Hive::Store::Hash - store a hive in a flat hashref
Data::Hive::Store::Hash::Nested - store a hive in nested hashrefs
Data::Hive::Store::Param - CGI::param-like store for Data::Hive
Data::Hive::Test - a bundle of tests for Data::Hive stores
Changes for version 1.011
    • update bugtracker and repo links

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