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Jozef Kutej
Data::Keys - get/set key+value extensible manipulations, base module for Data::Keys::E::*
Data::Keys::E::Dir::Auto - auto create folder when needed
Data::Keys::E::Dir::Lock - uses additional folder to lock files
Data::Keys::E::Dir::LockInPlace - place locks directly on the stored files
Data::Keys::E::Key::Adapt - change key with a callback
Data::Keys::E::Key::Auto - auto create key via callback
Data::Keys::E::Key::AutoLock - lock keys automatically
Data::Keys::E::Locking - get/set locking
Data::Keys::E::Store::Dir - folder storage
Data::Keys::E::Store::Mem - in memory storage
Data::Keys::E::UniqSet - a key can be set only once
Data::Keys::E::Value::InfDef - inflate/deflate values
Changes for version 0.02
  • added Key::AutoLock
  • allow deleting with uniq set
  • avoid deadlocks in lock dir (key will be locked only once)
  • pass all self+key+value to key adapt and (in|de)flate

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