=head1 NAME

Data::Peek - A collection of low-level debug functions

=head1 Description

Modified and extended wrapper functions to make debugging more

DDumper () is a wrapper around Data::Dumper with always sorted keys.
The output is however reflowed and not parsable anymore (in most
cases) as the quotation around the keys is removed.

DDump () is a wrapper around perl's core function sv_dump (), which
should enable you to use the output instead of the default behavior
that only prints to STDERR.

DPeek () is a wrapper around internals Perl_sv_peek

DDump_IO () is a wrapper around perl's core function do_sv_dump (),
which acts like sv_dump (), but to a PerlIO stream.


Perl 5.8.0 and up.
Some versions of perl on some operating system(s) might not have
exported the internals (yet). This module won't build then.

If you run a perl that did not export Perl_sv_peek (), DPeek will
not be available. If you happen to encounter that problem, most
likely on Windows or AIX, C<export NO_SV_PEEK=1> will make the
build and test pass (I hope)


  $ perl Makefile.PL
  $ make
  $ make test
  $ make install

Recent changes can be (re)viewed in the public GIT repository at

Feel free to clone your own copy:

 $ git clone https://github.com/Tux/Data-Peek Data-Peek

or get it as a tgz:

 $ wget --output-document=Data-Peek-git.tgz \

=head1 AUTHOR

H.Merijn Brand <h.m.brand@xs4all.nl>


Copyright (c) 2008-2020 H.Merijn Brand.  All rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the same terms as Perl itself.