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Ricardo SIGNES
Data::Rx::Manual::CustomTypes - overview of making new checkers
Data::Rx - perl implementation of Rx schema system
Data::Rx::CommonType - base class for core Rx types
Data::Rx::CommonType::EasyNew - base class for core Rx types, with some defaults
Data::Rx::CoreType - base class for core Rx types
Data::Rx::CoreType::all - the Rx //all type
Data::Rx::CoreType::any - the Rx //any type
Data::Rx::CoreType::arr - the Rx //arr type
Data::Rx::CoreType::bool - the Rx //bool type
Data::Rx::CoreType::def - the Rx //def type
Data::Rx::CoreType::fail - the Rx //fail type
Data::Rx::CoreType::int - the Rx //int type
Data::Rx::CoreType::map - the Rx //map type
Data::Rx::CoreType::nil - the Rx //nil type
Data::Rx::CoreType::num - the Rx //num type
Data::Rx::CoreType::one - the Rx //one type
Data::Rx::CoreType::rec - the Rx //rec type
Data::Rx::CoreType::seq - the Rx //seq type
Data::Rx::CoreType::str - the Rx //str type
Data::Rx::Failure - structured failure report from an Rx checker
Data::Rx::FailureSet - multiple structured failure reports from an Rx checker
Data::Rx::TypeBundle - base class for type bundles
Data::Rx::TypeBundle::Core - the bundle of core Rx types
Data::Rx::Util - helper routines for Data::Rx
Changes for version 0.200006
    • big ol' pile of examples and docs! thanks, Hakim Cassimally!

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