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Steven Haryanto
Data::Schema - (DEPRECATED) Validate nested data structures with nested structure
Data::Schema::Config - Data::Schema configuration
Data::Schema::Plugin::LoadSchema::Base - Base class for other DSP::LoadSchema::* plugins
Data::Schema::Plugin::LoadSchema::Hash - Plugin to load schemas from hashes
Data::Schema::Plugin::LoadSchema::YAMLFile - Plugin to load schemas from YAML files
Data::Schema::Schema::Schema - the DS schema of DS schema
Data::Schema::Type::All - Type handler for 'all' type
Data::Schema::Type::Array - Type handler for arrays ('array')
Data::Schema::Type::Base - Base class for Data::Schema type handler
Data::Schema::Type::Bool - Type handler for booleans ('bool')
Data::Schema::Type::CIStr - Type handler for case-insensitive string ('cistr')
Data::Schema::Type::Comparable - Role for comparable types
Data::Schema::Type::Either - Type handler for 'either' type
Data::Schema::Type::Float - Type handler for floating point numbers ('float')
Data::Schema::Type::HasElement - Role for types that have the notion of elements
Data::Schema::Type::Hash - Type handler for hash ('hash')
Data::Schema::Type::Int - Type handler for integer numbers ('int')
Data::Schema::Type::Num - Base type handler for numbers
Data::Schema::Type::Object - Type handler for Perl objects ('object')
Data::Schema::Type::Printable - Role for printable stuff
Data::Schema::Type::Scalar - Role for scalar types
Data::Schema::Type::Schema - Make schema as type
Data::Schema::Type::Sortable - Role for sortable types
Data::Schema::Type::Str - Type handler for string ('str')
Data::Schema::Type::TypeName - Type handler for DS type 'typename'
Changes for version 0.136
    • Add $Storable::canonical=1 to deal with Perl hash randomization
    • [RT#84256].

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