use 5.008;
use strict;
use warnings;

package Data::Semantic::URI::ftp;
our $VERSION = '1.100850';
# ABSTRACT: Semantic data class for ftp URIs
use parent qw(Data::Semantic::URI);
use constant REGEXP_KEYS => qw(URI FTP);
use constant KEEP_KEYS   => qw(
  URI scheme username password host port abspath_full abspath_full_no_slash
  abspath_full_no_slash_no_query type

sub flags {
    my $self  = shift;
    my @flags = $self->SUPER::flags(@_);
    push @flags => sprintf("-type => '%s'", $self->type) if $self->type;
    push @flags => '-password' if $self->password;


=head1 NAME

Data::Semantic::URI::ftp - Semantic data class for ftp URIs

=head1 VERSION

version 1.100850


    my $obj = Data::Semantic::URI::ftp->new;
    if ($obj->is_valid('...')) {
       #  ...


This class can tell whether a value is an FTP URI, as defined by RFCs 1738 and
2396. The C<valid()> method will respect the C<type> and C<password>
attributes and the inherited C<keep> boolean attribute.

See L<Regexp::Common::URI::ftp> for the meaning of C<type> and C<password>.

If C<keep> is set, C<kept()> will return a hash with the following keys/value

=over 4

=item URI

The complete URI.

=item C<scheme>

The scheme.

=item C<username>

The userinfo, or if C<password> is used, the username.

=item C<password>

If C<password> is used, the password, else "undef".

=item C<host>

The hostname or IP address.

=item C<port>

The port number

=item C<abspath_full>

The full path and type specification, including the leading slash.

=item C<abspath_full_no_slash>

The full path and type specification, without the leading slash.

=item C<abspath_full_no_slash_no_query>

The full path, without the type specification nor the leading slash.

=item C<type>

The value of the type specification.



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=head1 AUTHOR

  Marcel Gruenauer <>


This software is copyright (c) 2007 by Marcel Gruenauer.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.