package Date::Simple::D8;
use Date::Simple 3;
use base qw/Date::Simple/;
use overload '""' => 'as_d8';

*EXPORT      = *Date::Simple::EXPORT;
*EXPORT_OK   = *Date::Simple::EXPORT_OK;

sub d8    { shift->_d8(@_) }
sub today { shift->_today(@_) }
sub ymd   { shift->_ymd(@_) }


=head1 NAME

Date::Simple::D8 - Sub class of Date::Simple with eight digit date style formatting
as default.


    use Date::Simple::D8;


This module changes the default stringification behaviour of Date::Simple objects to
use the as_d8() method instead.

=item Date::Simple::D8->new ([ARG, ...])

=item date_d8 ([ARG, ...])

Identical to Date::Simple except that uses the D8 style formatting ('%Y%m%d') for
overloaded stringification or when not providing a format argument to the format()

=head1 SEE ALSO

L<Date::Simple> for full documentation.