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Dave Rolsky
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  • Ken Williams
DateTime::Format::Strptime - Parse and format strp and strf time patterns
Changes for version 1.55
    • If diagnostic is true for an object, it will now use Test::More::diag() under the test harness rather than printing to STDOUT.
    • The %z specifier will now parse UTC offsets with a colon like "+01:00". Requested by David Pyke Le Brun. RT #91458.
    • Made the regexes to parse day & months abbreviations & names a little more specific. As it stood, they tended to eat up nomre non-word characters than they should, so a pattern like '%a%m%d_%Y' break on a date like 'Fri0215_2013'. The day name would be parsed as 'Fri02' and the month would not be parsed at all. Reported by Maxwell Carey and ikegami. RT #93863 and #93865.

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