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Marc Lehmann
DC - undocumented utility garbage for our deliantra client UNAUTHORIZED
DC::DB - async. database and filesystem access for deliantra
DC::Texture - tetxure class for Deliantra-Client
App::Deliantra in Client.pm
DC::DB::Server in DC/DB.pm
DC::Item in DC/Item.pm
DC::Layout in DC.pm
DC::Macro in DC/Macro.pm
DC::MapWidget in DC/MapWidget.pm
DC::MapWidget::Command in DC/MapWidget.pm
DC::MapWidget::MapMap in DC/MapWidget.pm
DC::MessageDistributor in DC/MessageDistributor.pm
DC::NPCDialog in DC/Protocol.pm
DC::OpenGL in DC/OpenGL.pm
DC::Pod in DC/Pod.pm
DC::Protocol in DC/Protocol.pm
DC::UI in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Animator in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Base in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Bin in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Box in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Button in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Buttonbar in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::ButtonBin in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Canvas in DC/UI/Canvas.pm
DC::UI::ChatView in DC/UI/ChatView.pm
DC::UI::CheckBox in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Container in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Dockable in DC/UI/Dockable.pm
DC::UI::Dockbar in DC/UI/Dockbar.pm
DC::UI::DrawBG in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Empty in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Entry in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::EntryBase in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Event in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Face in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::FancyFrame in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Fixed in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Flopper in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Frame in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Gauge in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::HBox in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Image in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::ImageButton in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Inventory in DC/UI/Inventory.pm
DC::UI::Label in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Menu in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Multiplexer in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Notebook in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Progress in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Root in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Selector in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Slider in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::SpellList in DC/UI/SpellList.pm
DC::UI::Statusbox in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Table in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::TextEdit in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::TextScroller in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Tooltip in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Toplevel in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::ValSlider in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::VBox in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::VGauge in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::ViewPort in DC/UI.pm
DC::UI::Window in DC/UI.pm
Deliantra::Client in Client.pm
Changes for version 2.11
    • support overriding the audio driver at runtime, for folks who know what they are doing.
    • upgrade to libSDL 1.2.14/SDL_mixer 1.2.11 for the GNU/Linux and windows binaries, and also compile in multiple drivers (pulseaudio disabled currently because it's too sucky and crashes on probe).
    • replace level by minimum level, and damage by effective casting level (for servers > 2.93).
    • added some commandline arguments: <host> <user> <password>, for the developers mostly.
    • try a different method of avoiding music-related crashes.
    • cfplus editor support protocol fixes.
    • apply some common::sense 3.1 :)
    • implement bandwidth-usage debug option.
    • renamed env variable CFPLUS_DEBUG to DELIANTRA_DEBUG.
    • display audio driver name that is in use.
    • try to show splashscreen earlier.

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