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Anthony Brummett
Devel::hdb - Perl debugger as a web page and REST service
Devel::hdb::App::Action - Get and set line actions
Devel::hdb::App::AnnounceChild - Let the parent process know the URL of a child
Devel::hdb::App::Assets - Handler for file assets
Devel::hdb::App::Base - Base class for Devel::hdb Application route modules
Devel::hdb::App::Breakpoint - Get and set breakpoints
Devel::hdb::App::Config - Load and save debugger configuration
Devel::hdb::App::Control - Control execution of the debugged program
Devel::hdb::App::Eval - Evaluate data in the debugged program's context
Devel::hdb::App::PackageInfo - Get information about packages and subroutines
Devel::hdb::App::Ping - Handle a ping response
Devel::hdb::App::ProgramName - Get the name of the running program
Devel::hdb::App::SourceFile - Get Perl source for the running program
Devel::hdb::App::Stack - Get information about the program stack
Devel::hdb::App::Terminate - Terminate the debugged process
Devel::hdb::Response - Manage responses from the debugger to the user interface
Devel::hdb::App in lib/Devel/hdb/App.pm
Devel::hdb::Follow in lib/Devel/hdb/TraceFollow.pm
Devel::hdb::Router in lib/Devel/hdb/Router.pm
Devel::hdb::Server in lib/Devel/hdb/Server.pm
Devel::hdb::Trace in lib/Devel/hdb/TraceFollow.pm
Devel::hdb::TraceFollow in lib/Devel/hdb/TraceFollow.pm

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