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Kent Fredric
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::Remote::Check - Ensure no pending commits on a remote branch before release
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::Remote::Check::BeforeBuild - Ensure no pending commits on a remote branch before build
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::Remote::Update - Update a remote with Git before release.
Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Git::Remote::Update::BeforeBuild - Update a remote with Git before build.
Dist::Zilla::Role::Git::LocalRepository - A plugin which works with a local git repository as its Dist::Zilla source.
Dist::Zilla::Role::Git::Remote - Git Remote specification and validation for plugins.
Dist::Zilla::Role::Git::Remote::Branch - Parts to enable aggregated specification of remote branches.
Dist::Zilla::Role::Git::Remote::Check - Check a remote branch is not ahead of a local one
Dist::Zilla::Role::Git::Remote::Update - Update tracking data for a remote repository
Changes for version 0.1.2
  • Bug Fixes
    • fix bug for when [Git::Remote::Check] is using all defaults (Karen Etheridge)
  • Dependencies::Changed
    • develop recommends Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Author::KENTNL::Lite 0.01009803 -> v1.3.0
    • develop recommends Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Author::KENTNL v1.0.0 -> v1.3.0
  • Dependencies::New
    • runtime requires : perl 5.006
  • Packaging
    • Update LICENSE ( Year, Indent, Address )
  • Tests::New
    • xt/release/minimum-version.t

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