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גאבור סבו - Gábor Szabó
dwimmer - command line client to interact with a Dwimmer server
Dwimmer::Admin in lib/Dwimmer/Admin.pm
Dwimmer::Client in lib/Dwimmer/Client.pm
Dwimmer::DB in lib/Dwimmer/DB.pm
Dwimmer::Feed::Admin in lib/Dwimmer/Feed/Admin.pm
Dwimmer::Feed::Collector in lib/Dwimmer/Feed/Collector.pm
Dwimmer::Feed::Config in lib/Dwimmer/Feed/Config.pm
Dwimmer::Feed::DB in lib/Dwimmer/Feed/DB.pm
Dwimmer::Feed::Sendmail in lib/Dwimmer/Feed/Sendmail.pm
Dwimmer::Tools in lib/Dwimmer/Tools.pm
Changes for version 0.31
    • Eliminate some warnigs.
    • Skip test if web server cannot be launched.

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