The following features are fairly important, and need to be finished

* Fix up parsing for date and time fields.
* Fill in the handling of missing data types (11, 13, 14, 16, 17,
  18).  In addition, the link type (12) support is very rudimentary,
  and this could definitely use some work.
* Correctly parse floating point fields, and pack them.
* Write and modify list records.
* Read and use field attributes.  I believe these are all packed into
  the end of record type 1.
* Enable creation of TinyBytes.

This would be cool, but isn't totally necessary:

* DBD::ThinkDB

What would be really neat:  I'd like to talk to thinkingBytes and try
to get the actual specifications for the binary format.  There are a
lot of odd things that I don't quite understand.