HTML::Puzzle README File


This module is a framework to build web component based on database. It can be useful for create forums, guestbook, news sections and others.

For more information and updates about this module you can point your browser 
or to whatever CPAN mirror site.


0.  Prerequisites:
	- Perl version 5.005_03 or more recent.
	- CPAN DBI module.
	- HTML::Template::Extension
	- A CPAN DBD driver module (currenty only Mysql are tested)

1.  Installation steps:
	- from the directory where this file is located, type:
		perl Makefile.PL
		make (and ask to questions to you db configuration)
		make test
		make install


Have a look to
to see some examples on what you can simply do using this module.
*** This is beta software -- use at your own risks ***

Bruni Emiliano <>