Revision history for Perl extension MasonX::Request::HTMLTemplate

00.06  (2006-07-02)
- Removed some calling to internal Mason methods in favour to public Mason 

00.05  (2003-09-07)
- Add method template_arg to to read a template arg
  previously added with add_template_args method.
00.04  (2003-08-04)
- Fix a bug in WithApacheSession that cause problems when using session.
- Add LICENSE to distribution.

00.03  (2003-08-02)
- Added many examples in documentation. Moreover it has been fixed in some 

- MasonX::Request::WithApacheSession is not required anymore to use this module.
  Removed from required modules.

- Fixed a bug in items method that it tried to use session also if there was no
  session module available.

- Test file was wrong. Created now tests for HTMLTemplate and 

- Created manual for WithApacheSession

- Completed separation of code between HTMLTemplate and WithApacheSession. Now
  all code, necessary in order to use session variables, is placed in 

- Use of module "base" instead of directly use of @ISA.

00.02  (2003-07-30)
- Added more examples and synopsis to pod files.

- MasonX::Request::HTMLTemplate now inherits only HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler,
  HTML::Mason::Request, HTML::Mason::CGIHandler. To use sessions and 
  have an object that inherits from MasonX::Request::WithApacheSession
  use the new module MasonX::Request::HTMLTemplate::WithApacheSession.

- template_base_path and default_language initialize parameters
  are now optional. The default value for the first is 'undef' that is
  template_base_path it coincides with Mason component root directory.
  The default value for the other is 'en'.

00.01  (2003-07-29)
- original version