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Revision history for DataExtract-FixedWidth

0.08    Added verbose option for constructor, helps out a we' bit
        Bug fix: long standing error on trailing spaces with empty cols generated.
				  no longer generated. Added Tests
        minor optimization
        reenabled immutable

0.07    Bug fix: No longer have to have the first row the longest when
        using euristic test provided t/11

0.06    Lots of internet rewrites
        Accept heuristic with undef header and supplied columns
        New tests
        Now we clean up namespace (no Moose)
        Faster with class made immutable (no on because of Moose bug)

0.05    Updated pod
        New test structure -- sample tests outside of __DATA__ into ./t/data
        Major updates on heuristic, and header_row/cols assumptions
        new option ->skip_header_data(*1|0)

0.04    Better pod -- almost a complete overhaul
        Constructor tests

0.03    Speed fixes
        Pods fixes
        And, BrowserUK's heuristic algo in the constructor by opt in

0.02    Speed fix per uri's suggestion
        Fixed pod
        Fixed default for ->fix_overlay

0.01    Date/time
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.