This version only support Informix.  To access other DBMS, you need to
write a DB access interface in dbagent.

Install dbagent:
	- Edit Makefile, Select OS type
		(Default is 'HPUX',  Leave it as blank for other OSes ???
	- make
	- Modify INFORMIXDIR & INFORMIXSERVER variables in 'run' script.
	- If you want to login as different users, execute 'run' as root ; otherwise
	  you can execute 'run' as normal user.

Install dbdnet: (Install it on client site: ( e.g. Web server)
	     You must install DBI:: first

	- Execute
		perl Makefile.PL
	- make
	- make install

	- A wanring message is displayed when using '$dbh->do("insert ...") '.
		I hope someone can fix it.
	- Blob Read/Write is not supported.

		DBD::NET is based on Alligator Descartes's work.

	Edward Liu, Taiwan