DBD::Informix for DBI - Written by Alligator Descartes <descarte@mcqueen.com>

18/08/95:	Started. 

		Version 0.0.0 ( Totally pre-alpha! )

17/10/95:15:39	After a good break of about a month and a half, back in the

		We have data from SELECTs coming back from the database!

		Released 0.20pl0 Disney on ftp.mcqueen.com. Limited hacker

14/04/96:18:04	Added support for CREATE, DROP, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE.
		Fixed $DBI::errnum and $DBI::errstr problems
		Fixed Informix.pm to stop reporting MSQL_HOME errors
		Fixed Makefile.PL
		Removed hacky 'build' file and uses Makefile.PL exclusively


01/09/95: 	Fixed truncated INTEGER bug. Other numerical types still
		screwed. Patch on the way.


09/09/96:	Added @ary = $drh->func( '_ListDBs' ); method for getting
		a list of extant databases on the local Informix server.
		( From original code and suggestion by 
                  George.Vicherek@Sciatl.COM )

10/09/96:	Fixed all numeric types to return correctly. CHAR fields don't
		quite behave as planned, or perhaps they do. Added 'multicursor'
		test which proves that simultanous multiple cursors fails

		0.23 release.

17/09/96:	Added patch for bad column names as show in George Vicherek's
		splendid test case. ( extratests/primitives.pl exercises this )

18/09/96:	Wrapped in a patch to Makefile.PL from Christophe Martin.
		Added some other Makefile.PL patches of my own. It should now
		support cleaner builds on HP-UX ( spit! ) and correctly detect
		when dbdimp.ec has changed.

18/09/96:	Wrapped in patches by Terry Nightingale based on Bill Hailes'
		isqlperl for supporting multi-cursors. Cleaned the type 
		handling code again.

		0.24 release.

26/09/96:	Patches from Terry arrived. This'll be the 0.25 release. Seems
		to work.