CHANGES for man2html: 97/08/12 13:18:14

08/12/1997	(3.0.1)

	o  man2html now checks for EOF in page processing loop.  This
	   helps if page size (or margins) is set to an extremely
	   large value to, in effect, specify no pagination exists
	   in input.  If EOF checks are not made, man2html will appear
	   to hang until it counts off the specified page size.

	o  Modified man.cgi so the cgi-bin location can be specified
	   in the configuration variable section.

08/11/1997	(3.0.0)

	o  Updated man2html code for Perl 5.  Program no longer
	   executable by Perl 4 interpreters.

	o  New command-line options:

	    -belem <elem>    : HTML Element for overstriked text (def: "B")
	    -cgiurlexp <url> : Perl expression URL for linking to other
	    -compress        : Compress consective blank lines
	    -uelem <elem>    : HTML Element for underlined text (def: "I")

	o  Slightly stricter check on keyword search parsing to avoid
	   abnormal lines.

	o  Manpage references will be put in bold even if no CGI
	   URL expression is specified.  This behavior will be
	   restricted to the SEE ALSO section if the -seealso option
	   is specified.

	o  man2html modified so it can be required from Perl programs
	   instead of using system():

		-  man2html code under package Man2Html
		-  exit() not called
		-  Input and output filehandles can be specified
		   before being required

	o  man2html documentation now done in troff so it can be
	   be installed as a manpage.  HTML, text, and postscript
	   versions are created from the manpage version.

	o  Changes to man.cgi:

		-  Updated to run properly under Perl 5.
		-  Requires man2html instead of using system().
		-  Uses implicit fork through open() to invoke
		   man program for better security.
		-  List variables are used for specifying command-line
		   options instead of strings.
		-  Cosmetic UI changes to HTML form.

	o  Put man2html files under SCCS revision control.

12/22/95	(2.1.0)

	o  The -cgiurl option is no longer required with the -k option.
	   if -k is specified, man2html will process input as
	   keyword search results, regardless.

	o  Added a -solaris option (for lack of a better word).  Solaris
	   systems have a different keyword search output compared
	   to other systems.  Example:

	    zcmp            zcmp (1)        - compare compressed files
	    zdiff           zcmp (1)        - compare compressed files

	   The topic appears first.  Then the actual manpage of the
	   topic is listed second.  If your keyword search results
	   look like this, then use the -solaris option.
	   This option is only effective with the -k option.

	o  Fixed bug when -nohead and -seealso are both specified.

	o  Fixed bug in detecting overstriking.  man2html was try
	   to be clever about non-alpha characters within overstriked
	   text, but it screwed up in other cases.  The "cleverness"
	   has been removed.

	o  '+' characters are mapped to '%2B' in cross-ref URLs.

	o  If -seealso is specified, all xrefs are detected after
	   the SEE ALSO heading.  I.e.  Sections after SEE ALSO
	   may contain hyperlinked xrefs.

	o  Speed increase.  The amount of increase will vary depending
	   on the input.

09/02/94	(2.0.2)

	o  Add the -bare option (for lack of a better name).  This
	   will keep man2html from inserting the HTML, HEAD, BODY
	   tags from the output.  This is useful if used in a CGI
	   script that wants to include the output from man2html into
	   an HTML document.

08/19/94	(2.0.1)

	o  Fixed bug in not recognizing manpage cross-refs that
	   had a combination of bold-overstriking,
	   underline-overstriking, and plain text.

	o  Fixed bug in not detecting a <, >, or & to convert to an
	   entity if the character right before it was a <, >, or &.

	o  Speed increase.

07/18/94	(2.0.0 beta)

	o  Support for processing output from 'man -k', i.e. a 
	   keyord search.  Links are created for all manpages
	   listed, and the manpages are sorted by section.

	o  Can now properly detect manpage references containing
	   '_', '.', '+' characters.


	o  man2html supports the ability to link to other manpages.

Earl Hood,