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0.2.0   2024-05-19
        * Fixed 'descriminator' -> 'discriminator'
        * Align toplevel enum/struct/union declarations
          with inline declarations
        * Remove executable bit from Makefile.PL (CPANTS)
        * Fix 'declaration' key for union 'default' clauses
        * Fix 'name' key of pointer type containing type instead of name
        * Fix 'type' key of void type containing name instead of type

0.1.3   2024-05-18
        * Makefile dependency causing 'yapp' to be rerun in configure phase

0.1.2   2024-05-18
        * POD encoding error regarding non-ascii character
        * Fix 'use warnings' as indicated by CPANTS
        * Fix '=head1 LICENSE' as indicated by CPANTS
        * Add README as reported by CPANTS
        * Remove second (and incorrect) '=head1 VERSION'
        * Invoke 'bin/xdr-parse' using the current Perl

0.1.1   2024-05-17
        * Add missing 'pmfilter' script
        * Prevent re-generation of on installation from dist
        * Add CHANGES file

0.1.0   2024-05-17
    Initial release