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Robin Redeker

Changes for version 0.2

  • Using the better tested AnyEvent::Handle and AnyEvent::Socket for DNS resolution, TCP connect and TLS now.
  • override_host and override_port have been removed.
  • weird DNS SRV handling and comments have been removed.
  • removed blocked_write option and drain function, send_buffer_empty event should be used. blocking behaviour should be emulated with send_buffer_empty at the toplevel of the program.
  • improved message tracking api in ::IM::Account
  • added added_account/removed_account events to ::Client
  • added set_accounts() function to ::Client
  • removed unneccessary sample (devcl)
  • renamed module from Net::XMPP2 to AnyEvent::XMPP
  • minor additions to ::Ext::Pubsub.
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  • EVQ in samples/EVQ.pm