1.21	2003-08-16

	* Updated method names in test to new ones, which should have
	happened in 1.2.
	* Removed unnecessary length check on string passed to beats()
	(pointed out by KWILLIAMS, thanks).

1.2	2003-08-16

	* SPOON provided patches to fix an inaccurate time conversion routine
	  and refactor the code a little, and expand the tests.

	* The method names have changed from "beattime", "timebeat12" and 
	  "timebeat24" to the neater and less-confusing "beats", "time12"
	  and "time24". The old ones will continue to work, but they have
	  been deprecated and will be removed at some point in the future.

1.1	2003-08-13

	* EMARTIN took over maintainership from JDUNCAN.
	* Module can now convert to and from .beats in 12- and 24-hour format. 

1.02	1999-08-30

	* Fixed problem caused by hour becoming 24 if gmtime.hours == 23.

1.0	1999-01-11

	* Initial release.