Catalyst::Engine::Wx - Catalyst wxPerl Engine


A script using the Catalyst::Engine::Wx module might look like:

    #!/usr/bin/perl -w


    use strict;
    use lib '/path/to/MyApp/lib';
    use MyApp;


Combine it with the Catalyst-View-Wx and have Catalyst work with wxPerl interfaces.


This is the Catalyst engine specialized for building non-blocking and multi-platforms desktop applications with the Catalyst framework. It allows to tie Wx events to Catalyst controllers asynchronously.

It will also allow you to replace html views with Wx views from which you can access the stash and deals with controllers just like in any other Catalyst application running a web engine.

You can re-use many Plugins in the Catalyst namespace to authenticate, deal with cache, store session data and so on.

See the tests for more informations.

There is also a demo application included.

The following methods are for internal use despite that these don't start with the classical underscore.


Creates the Catalyst engine that will receive and deals with events coming from your Wx classes.

You can pass it a bootstrap parameter to inform the engine what controller holds the main window creation.

            bootstrap   => 'MyApp->main_window',

Otherwise it will run the default action in the root controller.


Receive and event from the Wx views and send it in the Catalyst flow.


Transform an event with parameters into a Catalyst request.


Finalize a request and trap errors to display an error message.


Eriam Schaffter, and the Catalyst and wxPerl team.


This program is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.