Revision history for Perl extension XML::IDMEF.

0.01  Mon Sep 23 14:36:12 2002
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.5 with options
		-A -X -n XML::IDMEF

0.02  2002/09/24
        - pod doc ready for release
        - basic test implemented
        - TODO: use IDMEF v0.6, better test, refactor doc

0.03  2002/09/24
        - corrected namespace bug crashing the tests

0.04  2002/09/25
        - refactored api to get uniformed call syntax
          byte2string becomes byte_to_string, tohash ->to_hash
          gettype -> get_type & 'in' is now a class method
        - more tests
        - TODO: previous TODOs + add 'cmp' method

0.05  2002/09/25
        - changed Makefile.PL to contain dependencies

0.06  2002/10/15
	- corected small bug in dtd: source interfaces -> interface

0.07  2002/11/19
        - upgraded the IDMEF DTD to version 0.7 of the IDMEF draft
        - corrected some typos, improved documentation
        - modified create_time to accept an optional epoch time in argument
        - introduced 'contains' function, to test for tagpath existence

0.08  2002/12/02
        - fixed a big bug in 'contains'
        - changed xml_encode to encode non printable characters in xml STRINGs
        - in create_time, corrected bugs with epoch time and month
        - TODO: add 'get' & 'cmp' methods

0.09 2003/06/04
        - now uses XML::DOM instead of XML::Simple. The later is unable to support
          the requirement of children element order inside an XML node, and had to be
        - implemented get() and set() methods 
        - updated internal pseudo DTD format to be able to build really valid XML messages
        - upgraded to IDMEF v1.0
        - remove some functions from the documentations. they are yet still in the
          module to maintain backward compatibility.
        - renamed a few methods. the old names can still be used.

0.10 2003/06/10
        - corrected bug in add() on multiple similar nodes

0.11 2004/11/29
        - upgraded the IDMEF DTD to version 1.2 of the IDMEF draft, thanks to some 
          patches sent by David Maciejak.
        - rewrote the test sequence properly