2014-10-02  Eduardo Santiago <esm@cpan.org>
	* Release 2.09
	* Bug 99244: don't require CGI.pm for test suite

2012-02-14  Eduardo Santiago <esm@cpan.org>
	* Release 2.08
	* test suite fix

2012-02-12  Eduardo Santiago <esm@cpan.org>
	* Release 2.07
	* Bug 83283: don't use expensive $` and $'
	* Bug 28111: add LICENSE, and META.yml
	* Disable on Windows

2012-12-03  Eduardo Santiago <esm@cpan.org>
	* Release 2.06

	* Bug 81602: test suite changes to handle new perl5.17
	  hash key randomization

2011-07-12  Eduardo Santiago <esm@cpan.org>
	* Release 2.05

	* Bug 62263: last attempt got it wrong. Try again.

2011-07-12  Eduardo Santiago <esm@cpan.org>
	* Release 2.04

	* Bug 62263: test suite changes to handle new perl5.14
	  regex compilation

2010-08-02  Eduardo Santiago <esm@cpan.org>
	* Release 2.03

	* Test suite changes for new perl5.10 warning behavior.

2010-08-01  Eduardo Santiago <esm@cpan.org>
	* Release 2.02

	* No actual changes; just moved Alert.pm into lib/CGI to
	  conform to best practices, and got the test suite working
	  without relying on internals of CGI.pm.

2004-12-13  Eduardo Santiago  <esm@ascend.gingerbear.org>

	* Release 1.08

	* Alert.pm:
	  Bug 8033 - check $^S properly.  Again, thanks to Don At
	  See-Pan Dot Org for finding this and providing a patch.

	* Alert.pm: PHEW!  Finally!  Configurable user output.  The
	  message shown to the remote (web) user is now configurable.
	  Feature Request 7788.  Thanks to Don At See-Pan Dot Org for
	  the idea.

2004-10-11  Eduardo Santiago  <esm@ascend.gingerbear.org>

	* Alert.pm:
	  Eek!  @Hide is wrong: it won't detect a simple name like 'password'
	  (that is, if it starts with 'passw' instead of being 'mumble-passw').

2004-06-10  Eduardo Santiago  <esm@ascend.gingerbear.org>

	* Alert.pm:
	  when displaying CGI params, only default to '' if param is undef!
	  Otherwise, we show zero (0) as ''.

2004-03-09  Eduardo Santiago  <esm@ascend.gingerbear.org>

	* Alert.pm:
	  $http_host - split into two: a _full_ portion, and an
	  _email hostname_ one.  The difference is that the full one
	  might have colon-port (:80, :8080, ...).  That's important
	  for showing the full URL in the subject line, but a major
	  bad thing to say "From: <nobody@foo.com:80>".

2004-03-06  Eduardo Santiago <esm@pobox.com>
	* Release 1.05

2004-03-05  Eduardo Santiago <esm@pobox.com>
	* Alert.pm: include $HTTP_HOST in email From: header, to
	  help differentiate between virtual hosts

2004-03-04  Eduardo Santiago <esm@pobox.com>
	* Alert.pm: new exportable function http_die(), provides
	  simple way for caller to emit an HTTP error (404, 500, ...)

2003-11-07  Eduardo Santiago <esm@pobox.com>
	* Release 1.02

2003-10-02  Eduardo Santiago <esm@pobox.com>

	* Alert.pm: new functionality: if called with 'hide=qr/xxx/'
	  on the import line, exclude CGI params matching /xxx/ from
	  generated email.  Used to avoid sending sensitive info
	  (passwords, credit card numbers) over unencrypted email.

	* t/02hide.t: new test, for above functionality

2003-07-31  Eduardo Santiago  <esm@pobox.com>

	* Release 1.00