Revision history for MooseX-Declare

0.43      2015-08-16 03:29:28Z
  - add some diagnostics to a test that is failing occasionally

0.42      2015-06-04 06:17:43Z
  - eliminate remaining uses of List::MoreUtils
  - increase required version of namespace::autoclean to 0.16 to avoid test

0.41      2015-05-16 03:35:49Z
  - mark this distribution as deprecated in metadata

0.40      2014-11-12 02:27:58Z
  - mention deprecation status in module ABSTRACT
  - fix warning in tests on 5.8.x

0.39      2014-08-16 19:12:31Z
  - line numbers in shipped code are now almost the same (within 1) as
    the repository source, for easier debugging
  - pod fixes (Frank Wiegand, RT#51722)

0.38      2013-12-14 18:39:30Z
  - update configure_requires checking in Makefile.PL, add CONTRIBUTING file

0.37      2013-09-26 04:08:21Z
  - repository migrated to the github moose organization
  - re-release with fixed compile test

0.36      2013-09-10 02:33:28Z
  - Depend on 'aliased'.
  - The test suite now uses Test::Fatal instead of Test::Exception. (Karen
  - removed use of deprecated Class::MOP::load_class, calling enum with a list
  - converted use of Class::MOP::class_of to Moose::Util::find_meta
  - new WARNING section added to pod, regarding future utility of this module

0.35   2011-08-23 11:13:10Z
  - Adapt to changes in MooseX::Role::Parameterized 0.27.

0.34   2010-08-31 23:10:28Z
  * Depend on MooseX::Method::Signatures 0.36 to avoid deprecation warnings on
    new versions of Moose (Jeremy Carman).

0.33   2010-02-04 01:50:14Z
  - Depend on MooseX::Method::Signatures 0.30 to fix various incompatibilities.

0.32   2009-11-02 02:00:42Z
  - Add link to Geany syntax notes to documentation (Michele Beltrame).
  - Convert from MooseX::MethodAttributes to Native::Trait (Justin Hunter).
  - Update dependency on MooseX::Types (Chris Prather).

0.31   2009-09-17 16:10:22Z
  - Bump dependencies for no more warnings on new Moose versions.

0.30   2009-09-05 00:48:05Z
  - Make the attr inheriting TODO test work.
  - Make default values for role parameters work (nperez).
  - Add tests for the above (nperez).

0.29   2009-08-31 17:11:25Z
  - Add failing test for applying modifiers to a method directly composed from
    a role (nperez).
  - Fix the failing test by depending on MXMS 0.24.

0.28   2009-08-27 20:44:34Z
  - Bump prereqs on MooseX::Method::Signatures, Moose, and namespace::clean in
    order to avoid test failure.

0.27   2009-08-18 06:54:22Z
  - Depend on MooseX::Method::Signatures 0.21 to make sure type aliasing works
    and there are no warnings due to the recent MooseX::LazyRequire changes.

0.26   2009-08-16 12:48:12Z
  - Declare dependency on MooseX::AttributeHelpers.

0.25   2009-08-16 03:31:59Z
  - Don't persist the inner keywords over more than one invocation of the declarator.
  - Pass along the current context to import_symbols_from and imported_moose_symbols.
  - Implement parameterizable roles.

0.24   2009-08-15 21:48:09Z
  - Add repository and bugtracker to Makefile.PL (Ash Berlin).
  - Tests and doc fixes on applying multiple roles at once (Chas. J. Owens IV).
  - Produce better diagnostic output on test failures (Dave Rolsky).
  - Make MooseX::Method::Signatures handle the actual parsing for method-like
    keywords (nperez).
  - Clean now warns in autoclean namespaces (Robert 'phaylon' Sedlacek).
  - 'method' keyword now only available by default in namespaces that consumed
    MooseSetup (Robert 'phaylon' Sedlacek).
  - Added 'namespace' keyword and allow namespaces, superclasses and roles to
    be relative (Robert 'phaylon' Sedlacek).
  - Add tests for using anonymous methods as attribute defaults (Devin Austin).
  - Stop depending on B::Hooks::EndOfScope. We don't use it direectly anymore.
  - Add a real 'with' keyword.
  - 'with' in a class- or role-body doesn't defer role application until the
    end of the class- or role-definition anymore. The 'with'-option for the
    class and role keywords still does.
  - Add a tests for role application and method modifier ordering.
  - Make anon classes immutable as well (unless explicitly asked not to).
  - Add a ctx method to add cleanup code that should be injected as early as
  - Depend on recent versions of DD and MXMS to make keywords less reserved
    (i.e. hash keys and barewords before fat commas).
  - Make t/with_newlines.t less noisy.
  - Add tests for methods with no signature not caring about their arguments,
    other than $self.

0.23   2009-06-25 03:09:10Z
  - Add test to make sure methods returned from meta are
    MooseX::Method::Signatures::Meta::Method (nperez).
  - Add the actual ::Signature methods to the meta class instead of letting it
    wrap the coderef itself.
  - Make inner scopes inherit the declaration provider instead of hardcoding
    'MooseX::Declare' (Robert 'phaylon' Sedlacek).
  - Fix test failure on new Moose versions, which inline a DESTROY method on

0.22   2009-05-06 00:37:37Z
  - Add TODO tests for creating nested anonymous classes and roles
  - Always end injected code with a semicolon.
  - Only do namespace nesting if the inner namespace starts with "::".
  - Depend on D::D 0.005001 to get a skip_declarator that doesn't fail
    when code is being compiled between calling the linstr callback and
    skip_declarator. This appears to be necessary to work on 5.8.

0.21   2009-05-04 23:55:41Z
  - Add tests for automatic cleaning with the clean/dirty traits
    (Stevan Little).
  - Automatically clean all imports at the end of compile time unless the
    dirty trait is given.
  - Clean now warns in autoclean namespaces (Robert Sedlacek).
  - Document all refactored components (Robert Sedlacek).
  - Improve error reporting (Robert Sedlacek).
  - Added link to emacs syntax highlighter (Nelo Onyiah).
  - Fix a doc typo (reported by Alexander Hartmaier).
  - Make method keyword now only available by default in namespaces that
    consumed MooseSetup (Robert Sedlacek).
  - Be more strict about what gets accepted as injectable "code part"
    (Robert Sedlacek).
  - Split up namespaced declaration parsing and added context traits
    (Robert Sedlacek).
  - Break strip_name_and_options into strip_word and strip_options.
  - Some refactoring on how options are handled.

0.20   2009-05-01 08:40:02Z
  - Massive refactor for extensibility (Robert Sedlacek).
  - Allow passing multiple comma seperated values to options
    without repeating the key.
  - Depend on MX::Method::Signatures 0.16 for non-scalar parameters.
  - Documentation fixes (Matt Kraai).
  - Added link to vim syntax (Rafael Kitover).

0.10   2009-04-08 02:09:56Z
  - Depend on D::D 0.003005 for the inject_if_block return value.
  - Docs now mention namespace::clean (Ash Berlin).
  - Refactor - aka throw code away - by potring to
    D::D::Context::Simple (Ash Berlin).
  - Remove prototype from exported subs (Ash Berlin).
  - Make keywords less reversed (i.e. as hash keys) and make class()
    return an anon-metaclass (Ash Berlin).
  - Update pod mentioning restrictions on class names (Ash Berlin).

0.09   2009-03-03 16:43:13Z
  - Improve clean documentation:
    - Actually use the clean keyword in the example (Hans Dieter Pearcey).
    - Substitute MyDumper with Foo for consistency (Nelo Onyiah).

0.08   2009-03-03 01:55:46Z
  - Implement the clean keyword.
    - Document the clean keyword (Nelo Onyiah).

0.07   2009-02-28 20:01:32Z
  - Mention all contributors.
  - Use MooseX::Method::Signatures::Meta::Method instead of injecting
    method keywords.
  - Update copyright notice for the new year (Yanick Champoux).

0.06   2009-02-24 06:20:03Z
  - Automatically import strict and warnings.
  - Don't use the Moose sugar sugar methods for installing modifiers.
  - Don't use the Moose sugar functions for applying roles.
  - Use Test::NoWarnings instead of Test::Warn.
  - Declare test dependency on Test::NoWarnings.

0.05   2009-02-23 07:33:16Z
  - Depend on the latest MooseX::Method::Signatures.
  - UnTODO passing tests.
  - Docs now mention namespace::clean (Ash Berlin).
  - Add tests some more problematic signatures (Piers Cawley).
    - Make those work.

0.04   2009-02-21 21:41:01Z
  - Fix a parsing bug related to class declarations with options being on
    another line than the opening '{'.
  - Depend on the latest MooseX::Method::Signatures.
  - Added a test to catch weirdness in around filters and optional positionals
    (Piers Cawley).
  - Added a test for a segfault caused by a syntax error (Piers Cawley).
  - Test for has +foo feature which does not work yet due to roles being
    applied at the end (Tomas Doran).

0.03   2008-11-29 13:24:48Z
  - Remove debugging code I accidentally left in th last release.

0.02   2008-11-26 13:20:08Z
  - Bump Devel::Declare prerequisite to 0.003000.

0.01   2008-11-26 11:07:16Z
  - More tests.
  - Improve class nesting.

0.01_01   2008-10-19 19:08:16Z
  - Initial release.