Revision history for Package-Stash-XS

0.30      2022-06-12 20:00:39Z
      - misc tooling updates
      - fixed redundant argument in sprintf in tests (RT#143205)

0.29      2018-12-31 03:26:01Z
      - quiet compiler warning (Jacques Germishuys, PR #2)
      - canonical repository moved to

0.28  2013-07-16
      - fix test issue (Graham Knop)

0.27  2013-07-15
      - handle magic more correctly in add_symbol and get_or_add_symbol

0.26  2013-01-04
      - internal refactorings to support Package::Anon stashes - this should
        work now

0.25  2011-09-06
      - fix compilation on perl 5.8 (RT#70762)

0.24  2011-09-05
      - invalid package names (for instance, Foo:Bar) are not allowed
      - invalid stash entry names (anything containing ::) are not allowed

0.23  2011-08-08
      - fix the test for scalar values, again (t0m, rafl)
      - disallow assigning globrefs to scalar glob slots (this doesn't actually
        make any sense)

0.22  2011-03-04
      - make the namespace cache lazy and weak, in case the stash is deleted
      - but, this doesn't work on 5.8, so disable the namespace caching
        entirely there

0.21  2011-01-25
      - make the leak tests author-only, since some smokers run release tests
      - fix some xs forward compat stuff (Dave Mitchell)

0.20  2011-01-11
      - lower perl prereq to 5.8.1 (ribasushi)
      - make the leak tests release-only, since they keep randomly failing on
        platforms i don't have access to. people are encouraged to submit
        patches for these if they are affected.

0.19  2011-01-05
      - actually fix scalar initial value validity test

0.18  2011-01-05
      - more correct validity test for scalars (rafl, Roland van Ipenburg)

0.17  2010-11-16
      - bah, get rid of extra junk in the tarball

0.16-TRIAL  2010-11-16
      - fix some issues in the undocumented-but-still-maybe-used-some-places
        hashref api - if you don't know what this is, good!

0.15-TRIAL  2010-11-16
      - split the XS implementation out into its own dist, which will be used
        as a backend for Package::Stash if possible

0.14-TRIAL  2010-11-14
      - complete rewrite in C, for speed (this includes the vivification
        changes from earlier). should be entirely backwards compatible
        otherwise (in terms of documented api anyway).

0.13  2010-10-31
      - revert the vivification changes for now, to get an actual release out
        with Test::Fatal

0.12-TRIAL  2010-10-27
      - actually include the conflict stuff in the release (bah)

0.11-TRIAL  2010-10-27
      - conflict on mx-role-withoverloading too

0.10-TRIAL  2010-10-27
      - only do the weird ISA special-casing on perl versions where it's broken

0.09-TRIAL  2010-10-27
      - clean up the vivication code a lot, make it behave more sanely
      - use Test::Fatal instead of Test::Exception (Justin Hunter)

0.08  2010-09-18
      - oops, accidentally included some experimental changes in that last
        release, that break things

0.07  2010-09-18
      - non-dev release

0.06-TRIAL  2010-08-26
      - re-enable the caching of the stash, since I can't reproduce the bug
        at all

0.05  2010-06-15
      - bump Test::More requirement for done_testing

      - update packaging stuff

0.04  2010-06-13
      - get_package_symbol now doesn't autovivify stash entries. A new method
        get_or_add_package_symbol can now be used for that behavior.

      - Update %DB::sub on add_package_symbol (Tim Bunce).

0.03  2010-05-14
      - Rename from Stash::Manip to Package::Stash

0.02  2010-05-13
      - Need to dep on Test::Exception

0.01  2010-05-12
      - Initial release