0.78 2021-09-20
- doc improvement for dates in XBOX - thanks @mvgrimes
- relax required PLplot version to 5.13.0+ - thanks @zmughal

0.77 2021-07-30
- fix logic error in plslabelfunc
- build will stop unless has plplot 5.15+

0.76 2021-07-29
- add pl_cmd and pl_setCairoCtx - thanks @mikef5410

0.75 2021-07-29
- updated library tests back to 5.13.0's ones
- update library tests and API support to 5.15.0

0.74 2020-07-16
- Fix placement of plschr to change CHARSIZE.  Had been a bug introduced in 0.73 which rendered CHARSIZE
  inoperative in a call to $pl->text
- Addition of plsfam call during initialization (in $pl->new).  Fix required by newer plplots.
- Updated library tests to plplot version 5.11.0.  I know this is still well downlevel, but I don't have time
  to do a full update--Sorry!  Doug Hunt

0.73 2019-12-28
- use $^X not "perl" - thanks @eserte
- get deps right - thanks @eserte

0.72 2019/12/26
- update metadata to point to GitHub repo
- build improvements: search $Config{libpth}, deal with no-dot-in-INC
- various test improvements
- replace obsolete POSIX::isprint
- add missing constants: PL_NOTSET, PL_COLORBAR_CAP_NONE
- add PL funcs needed by 5.13.0 tests: plpath, plsurf3dl
- as needed by 5.13.0 tests, make plstransform not ignore "data" param
- update test C files to PLplot 5.13.0 tests, and .pl to match

0.71 5/15/2015   Added patch from Petr Pisar to allow build with plplot 5.11.0.  Deferred call to plschr() until
                 after call to plinit().  Response to CPAN bug: https://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=104424

0.70 6/6/2014    Merged in changes from the missing 0.65:  Added STACKED_BAR_COLORS option to bargraph.  Allows stacked bar graph.

0.69 05/27/2014  Now call $self->_setwindow from the 'text' subroutine.  This allows
                 SUBPAGE to be specified on a call to 'text'.

0.68 11/5/2013   Fix bug in 'histogram'.  Add new improved histogram plotter 'genHist'.

0.66 11/5/2013   Upgrade to work with plplot 5.9.10 release.

0.64 6/1/2012    Add GRIDMAP2 option to shadeplot, add test case for it.

0.63 6/1/2012    Add GRIDMAP option to shadeplot

0.61 9/12/2011   Take away './' for Windows users per Sisyphus.

0.60 9/8/2011    Add './' to compile step per Orion Poplawski.

0.59 9/8/2011    Merge in Sysiphus's Windows compile update for the plplot library tests.
                 Add -lm for Fedora as well.

0.58 9/6/2011    Build several functions if pllegend not found:

0.57 8/30/2011   Cleaned up OPTIONS! processing from Makefile.PL to plplot.pd--now based on the approach
                 Sisyphus.  Also merged in David Merten's 'NoPthread => 1' option to allow for
                 use of PLplot in a pthreads environment.
                 Also added the C test source code from plplot 5.9.8 to compile and run for the
                 plplot_library_tests test case.  This may not work on all platforms!

0.55 4/23/2011   Upgraded prior to plplot 5.9.8 release.
                 Added support for many functions: plgradient, plstring, plstring3, plarc, plstransform,
                                                   plslabelfunc, pllegend, plspal0, plspal1, plbtime,
                                                   plconfigtime, plctime, pltimefmt, plsesc
                 Removed deprecated functions: plarrows, c_plhls, c_plrgb, c_plrgb1
                 Fixed compiler warnings, did general clean-up.
0.56 5/06/2011   Added test suite from plplot, plus comparison results from the C tests.
                 Also added META_MERGE in Makefile.PL to try to get PAUSE/CPAN indexing working.

0.54 12/15/2010  Unified PDL distro version of CPAN stand-alone PDL::Graphics::PLplot version 0.53.

0.53  7/27/2010  Added UNFILLED_BARS option to allow the bargraph routine to plot bars that are not filled.

0.52  11/03/2009 Fixes for 64 bit machines:  plFree2dGrid, plFreeGrid, plAllocGrid, plAlloc2dGrid, pltr0, pltr1, pltr2
                 Now compiler complains less.

0.51  7/13/2009  Added logic to manage a PLstream pool instead of just incremenenting the pool number
                 with each call to 'new'.  This allows one to re-use stream numbers after a call to
                 'close'.  Bug found by Marek Gierlinski.

0.50  06/15/2009 Took out logic depending upon $PDL::Config{WITH_PLPLOT} (which is set in the
                 PDL top-level Makefile.PL) for building and testing PDL::Graphics::PLplot.
                 This dependency required that PLplot detect and build correctly in the original
                 PDL compile.  One should be able to install PDL::Graphics::PLplot later.
                 Also stripped a lot of cruft from plplot.t which seems not to be necessary for
                 more recent plplot versions.

0.49  2/26/2009  Fix zero-divide bug in plcolorpoints

0.48  1/7/2009   Allow caller of 'colorkey' high level function to set XBOX or YBOX to set
                 color key number scale parameters.  Also added logic to allow detection of
                 new plplot routines to prevent failure with plplot 5.9 and earlier.

0.47  12/18/2008 Added band-aid to get_standard_pltrcb to avoid failure in plshades reported
                 by Orion Poplawski.  Also added interface to plcalc_world and fixed interface to plgfnam.

0.46  12/11/2008 Added font handling routines:  plgfont, plsfont, plgfci, plsfci

0.45  12/10/2008 Fixed routines: plgcol0,  plgcolbg,  plscmap0,  plscmap1
                                 plgcol0a, plgcolbga, plscmap0a, plscmap1a
                 To handle output parms and SIZE parms consistently
                 Added 3D labelling functions for example 28.

0.44  12/05/2008 Added plseed and plrandd interfaces

0.43  12/05/2008 Added support for environment variables:  PLPLOT_LIBDIR and PLPLOT_INCDIR
                 to allow the user to specify the plplot location.

0.42  12/04/2008 Added plimagefr support to allow complete plplot example x20.pl to work.

0.41  12/04/2008 Added VERSION in plplot.pd where you can query it from the command line:
                 perl -MPDL::Graphics::PLplot -e 'print "$PDL::Graphics::PLplot::VERSION\n"'

0.40  12/04/2008 Fixed interface to plgcol0, changed plParseOpts to use c_plparseopts (the current standard)
                 Added interface to plhlsrgb.
                 Ported back some changes from PDL-2.4.4 release for backwards compatibility with old plplot

0.39  10/29/2008 Added lib64 paths back in to PLplot library search path.

0.38  10/16/2008 Fixed typo in Makefile.PL that broke build, added plgvpd and plgvpw interfaces

0.37  10/15/2008 Handle case of missing PDL better

0.36  Added pltimefmt call for plplot 5.9.0

0.35  Added new low level functions supporting alpha channels.

0.34  Added Y_BASE and Y_GUTTER options to stripplot.

0.33  Added stripplot function for multiple plots with a common X axis.  Added extra colors.

0.32  Add TEXTPOSITION support for bargraph

0.31  May 2007 Merge changes from PDL mailing list

0.30  8/9/06  No longer use plfill for color wedge--this does not work with some
      drivers including the 'mem' driver.  Also use fewer colors in the color wedge
      for GIF device plots because of GIF's 256 color limitation

0.29  6/22/05 Fixed bug in plcolorpoints in the "bad" code for loop

0.21  11/21/2003 Fixed test suite to use Test::More, updated to work with plplot-5.2.1.
      Back-ported to main PDL distro.

0.20  7/16/2003 Broke package apart from main PDL distribution to allow separate development.
      Now package should work either as part of PDL distro (with plplot.t moved to PDL/t directory)
      or independently (with plplot.t in PDL-Graphics-PLplot/t directory).
      Added controls for tick size, tick spacing and error bars.

0.19  1/31/2003 First version integrated into the PDL distribution.  Includes
      Support for 'mem' driver for in-memory plotting on top of RGB images.

0.11  First version released to CPAN.  Does line and point plots and Shade plots.
      Still missing support for 3D plots (but this could easily be added).

0.01  1/23/2002
	- original version