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Eric Waters
Net::AMQP - Advanced Message Queue Protocol (de)serialization and representation
Net::AMQP::Common - A collection of exportable tools for AMQP (de)serialization
Net::AMQP::Frame - AMQP wire-level Frame object
Net::AMQP::Frame::Body - AMQP wire-level body Frame object
Net::AMQP::Frame::Header - AMQP wire-level header Frame object
Net::AMQP::Frame::Heartbeat - AMQP wire-level heartbeat Frame object
Net::AMQP::Frame::Method - AMQP wire-level method Frame object
Net::AMQP::Frame::OOBBody - AMQP wire-level out-of-band body Frame object
Net::AMQP::Frame::OOBHeader - AMQP wire-level out-of-band header Frame object
Net::AMQP::Frame::OOBMethod - AMQP wire-level out-of-band method Frame object
Net::AMQP::Frame::Trace - AMQP wire-level trace Frame object
Net::AMQP::Protocol - Loading code of the AMQP spec
Net::AMQP::Protocol::Base - Base class of auto-generated protocol classes
Net::AMQP::Protocol::v0_8 in lib/Net/AMQP/Protocol/v0_8.pm
Changes for version 0.03
    • Performance optimizations for frame deserialization [https://github.com/ewaters/net-amqp/pull/3]

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