Changes for version 0.03 - 2009-09-06

  • If $ENV{POE_DEBUG}, will turn on POE debug and trace options for all POE::Sessions
  • If $ENV{DEBUG} while running tests, will durn on server and client debug
  • Added testbin/, a command line client using POE::Component::DebugShell
  • Improved 'shutdown' support but is still not ideal
  • Added 'ClientMaxConnections' and 'ContentHandler' options to server
  • Added class 'POE::Component::Server::Bayeux::Logger' for easy dumping of datastructures
  • Support for 'reconnect' in the Client
  • Various improvements


Bayeux/cometd client implementation in POE
Bayeux/cometd server implementation in POE
An object representing a single client of the server
An object representing a single message of a request
create messages in the right subclass
A single Bayeux request


in lib/POE/Component/Client/Bayeux/
in lib/POE/Component/Client/Bayeux/Transport/
in lib/POE/Component/Client/Bayeux/
in lib/POE/Component/Server/
in lib/POE/Component/Server/Bayeux/