Revision history for Perl extension Oracle::SQLLoader.

0.1  2004-09-01
  * First Release.

0.2  2004-09-03
  * tons more POD
  * replace $FLOAT type with $DECIMAL
  * renamed Oracle::SQLLoader::executeSqlldr to Oracle::SQLLoader::executeLoader
  * implemented trailing nullcols option
  * support column_length option to addColumn
  * get more stats - start/end times as epoch, cpu/elapsed seconds
  * removed parfile references

0.3  2004-09-06
  * win32 support
  * removed generate parfile
  * moved control file generation code to private variables
  * more pod formatting
  * added stats match for unusable indexes
  * added start/end epochs and cpu/elapsed time stats
  * fixed "length" instead of "width"
  * mandate username and password arguments if no $ENV{ORACLE_USERID}

0.4  2004-09-10
  * append sid to userid
  * check sqlldr exit code for success/warning/error
  * parse error messages (not discards) out of the load log and make them
    available with the rest of the stats
  * added warn vs error cases to delimited and fixed length tests
  * findProgram now returns any matched full path to executables

0.5  2005-02-15 
  * make utility calls class or instance methods

0.6  2005-06-01
  * removed bad close call on undefined filehandle, pointed out by Eric von Kuegelgen

07 2005-07-24
  * first run of test cases failed due to drop of nonexistent table
  * doc fix - 'cleanup' option

08 2006-03-21
  * John Huckelba pointed out that single-record load results caused log parsing to fail; fixed and added test case
  * added tests for when_clause, check number discarded