* win32 ppm

* par file support

* instead of just munging 'infile', create an option for a log/scratch
  directory that we can use for a default when we need to write to disk
  (bads, logs, etc)

* support more than one infile, and support diff bad, disc files for each

* lob data

* delimited load - add a constant designating a column to be skipped

* delimited load - allow passing of columns w/out 'column_name' href

* if we can get a DBI connection, we can just pull the column specs out of

* move Tables and Columns out into classes

* since we can parse out unusable indexes, what should we do w/ them, rebuild?

* should executeLoader return false on warning exit codes, or just on fatal?

$Id: TODO,v 1.8 2004-09-11 04:42:54 ezra Exp $